Cyber PD Chapters 3 and 4

Another late  comer here! I saw all the tweets about #cyberpd, but to be honest the book did not look too interesting to me… until I read a blog post by Mary Lee

that really got me thinking! So, I was hooked- thanks to Amazon I could one click and read it on my Kindle. I got caught up last week, but talked through my reflections with a friend and did not write them down.

Chapter 3 The Student as Scribe

This chapter made me think about how I would like to incorporate this into my third grade classroom. At this point I am not sure it fits into my classroom, as we are an inquiry based class and each person’s notes would by definition be different.

Chapter 4 The Student as Researcher

I have done a bit of this in the past, but have to turn over more of the responsibility to the students. I have generally sat down with them when they were doing this. I think I have to teach online research more thoroughly and then let them take the reins. I liked the idea of looking at information in terms of purpose, author, and place. This helps to give students a more global perspective.


Looking back on Chapters 1 and 2 I will definitely use more time to have students be tutorial designers. I have seen the power of students teaching each other in person and creating screen casts sill multiply that influence. We will definitely ramp up our class blog for the coming year and a student (or group) will be responsible for blogging each day- using text, images, video, etc. Everything is possible!


See Jill Fisch’s site for more reflections


11 thoughts on “Cyber PD Chapters 3 and 4

  1. Jill

    I loved that you thought the “book did not look too interesting” at first but decided to give it a try after reading the blog posts. I have found that the discussion of the books we choose has been the very best part of #cyberpd. Seeing what other people are thinking makes the book come alive for me and gives me so much more to think about. I also think that with a topic like this, it is very helpful to see what others are thinking. Some types of professional reads can be very powerful even when read on your own. This type of book becomes so much more as people build off of the ideas of others. It helps to see that others are feeling the way you are when trying to figure out how to make these big changes in our classrooms. Thanks so much for joining us.


  2. maryleehahn

    So honored to be your inspiration! Welcome to the conversation!! I’m enjoying reading the book on Kindle. It’s so powerful to be able to go back to my highlights and notes.

  3. komos72

    I’m so glad that Mary Lee’s post got you involved in our chat! I haven’t done much (ok, anything really) with screen casting, but I’m so interested in learning more. Like you, I am also planning on doing more and doing things differently with our class blog. In my 4th grade classroom, I really believe I’ll use that idea of a scribe to help us frame the posts that kids will write. Thanks for joining the conversation!

  4. Linda Baie

    I hope you’ll post more about your students blogging and how that might work with these new ideas, Erika. Learning more about the younger grades is something I very much want to do.

  5. Julie Balen

    I wonder if there are lessons that would be common to all students like Creative Commons purpose and use or how to find a main idea that could utilize a student scribe? Another way to incorporate student scribes that has been posted about a number of times in this conversation is to have one student each day scribe a summary of learning note. Food for thought.

  6. Cathy

    I am so glad you have joined the conversation. It seems you have taken November’s ideas and are considering ways the community can own this learning.

    November has all of us thinking more about online research.



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