Jealous versus Thankful

I have to admit that this summer I have been suffering from some serious conference envy! People I follow on Twitter (some of whom I even know in real life) have been at some amazing events this summer (All Write, ALA2013, nErDcampbc, TCRWP, and others). I have not.  I have decided that I have a choice. I can be jealous and begrudge these people their time at these events, or I can be thankful. Today I finally made my peace with thankful. At #nErDcampbc today people are tweeting like crazy, Google docs are being shared, and there was even a live stream of one of the sessions! I am so grateful that thousands of miles away I can glean a little bit of this excitement and learning. I KNOW that being there virtually can not replace being there in person, but geography and finances do not allow me to attend these conferences, but I am so grateful to the people who are going out of their way to share their learning. I am so grateful for the amazing people in my PLN who help me learn. I am so glad that in this age of technology people still value making connections.

Thank you #nerdybookclub today and every day and thank you to everyone ho shares what they know. Together we really are better!

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