What Will You Stand Up For?

I am so lucky to live in a time when I can connect to people far away to learn from them. This morning  got some of my daily news from my Facebook feed- so it is filtered through friends’ eyes- which on this day was enough to let me know a few stories needed more of my time.

I spent a lot of time today with friends exploring Mauer Park, in Berlin, which used to be a part of the Berlin Wall and its Death Strip, but on Sundays is a busy flea market with stands of new and used items of every description, food from many lands and music, both staged and informal coming at you from all sides. Chris Lehman’s blog post, made me reflect on my day. I am lucky enough to be living in a free and undivided Berlin, but in many ways it struggles with many of the same issues that his post brings up. I need to find more ways for my students, who are in an international school to connect with the world outside our bubble – it will be good for all of us.

Once home I reread Donalyn Miller’s Nerdy Book Club post. She reminds us how great it is to be nerdy about something. While walking around the market today I told my friend that I love the way people who know me identify me as someone who reads (a lot!), but that I wanted it to be more evident to people who do not know me well. Well, as often happens, when you look for something you see it everywhere. I found a great t-shirt with a picture of Max and the wild things on it. I wonder what kind of messages people will take away when they see me in that shirt?! I also bought cool earrings  that are made from the sharpened end of purple colored pencils. It made me think of Donalyn reminding us that when we read a book we are looking at art. The earrings also reminded me of International Dot Day  and the importance of knowing that we can and should make our own mark on the world.

This brought me back to thinking about Chris Lehman’s post and the reasons behind it. Our children are growing up in such confusing times. It is so important to be able to give them anchors that they can come back to again and again. We do this in discussions, we do this in shared literature, we do this in valuing their voices, we do this in allowing them time to pursue their own passions.

Thank you to so many people who give children these roots- it really does take us all. I am so glad to have so many smart people in my PLN who help me to to think about what I will stand up for.


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