5 Things I Loved About Last Week

Thanks @colbysharp for the great idea for a regular reflection post!

Last week I loved:

5. More new books– more new books have arrived in our class (and some that former students borrowed over the summer have found their way back) and the students are eager to get their hands on them!

4. Second chapter book finished– We finished Mercy Watson to the Rescue and it has inspired students to read the other books in the series. This series is just right for many of our readers and the fact that we read the first one in class gave the series street cred.

3. Blogging– We started blogging this week and the students were so excited! It was great to see them so interested in getting their writing published and commenting on other students’ posts. I am so glad that it has worked out for my students to blog publicly as long as I moderate their posts and comments (which of course I would do anyway!). You can find us at : http://kidblog.org/MsVictorsClass-2/

2. Stamina– The students are showing that they have developed more stamina for reading, writing, and group work. It has been wonderful to see students get into their flow more easily.

1. Dot Day Assembly– Our class was the first to host an assembly this year and we focused on Dot Day. We made and Animoto of our favorite dots, shared our thinking about what Dot Day means, and painted the sidewalk next to the boarding school with dots (and showed this at Assembly). Every student participated in the assembly and they were fabulous speakers with limited preparation. We celebrated with a dotty snack.

Next week we look forward to starting our second unit of inquiry, focusing on identity. It is hard to believe that we need to get moving on preparing our portfolios for conferences coming soon!



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