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5 Things I Loved About Last Week- October 27

Thanks @colbysharp for the great idea for a regular reflection post!

Last week I loved: International Week!
It was International Week at BBIS and this is a time that students and staff love. Having it the week before break was great (and challenging).

5. Green Day- On Green Day the whole elementary school is outside cleaning up. We walk and talk with our buddies (ours are 3 and 4-year-olds) and enjoy doing something to help the environment (the weather was great!).

4. Move-a-thon- The whole school EC-grade 12 meets up for a sponsored walk/run. The elementary school has used the proceeds to donate to a local soup kitchen and a camp in South Africa that provides camp experiences for children affected by AIDS. It was great that so many students brought in donations they collected.

3. Parade and Lunch- on Friday we all dress to represent a culture/country we identify with and then strut our stuff on the cat walk. We also enjoy a delicious lunch that the families prepare.

2. Global Read Aloud- this continues to be so fun for my students. This week we were thrilled that the video Kate Messner posted answered one of our questions. It has been great to see how connected the kids are to the book and the author. They are also excited when they hear a class mentioned that we have connected with.

1. Culture Rotation Day- Our theme this year was water and on Thursday we traveled in mixed age groups to seven different rooms in small groups. The parents really outdid themselves with the great experiences we got to have. My group traveled to Denmark, Mesopotamia, Israel, the Netherlands, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and Czech Republic. The kids had a great time and learned a lot too. I really loved the time that I got to spend with my own class sharing what they had liked and learned- the enthusiasm was contagious.

Now it is break and I am enjoying a different pace. The last thing we did in class before we said goodbye on Friday was share how many books we thought we would read over the break. I celebrated break by going to a book store (I bought 3 books and read 2 others there).

This week I hope to read lots, complete an online course, and write a resume. As usual there are other errands and jobs that need to get done, so who knows if all will be completed, but I am going to try to stay up for Title Talk tonight (hey, it is break and our clocks have fallen back, so it starts at 1 AM here- I might be able to stay awake!). Happy Sunday!


5 Things I Loved About Last Week

Thanks @colbysharp for the great idea for a regular reflection post!

Last week I loved:

5. We welcomed a student teacher. Liz is going to be with us part-time through January. She is observing at the beginning, but will have some teaching responsibilities as well.

4. Parent Conferences- This week was parent-teacher conference day and it was great to meet with so many families. I was especially happy that so many third graders came along to their conference- it really helps when we are all together!

3. Class Get Together- Our class parents organized a Saturday family get together, It was super to see so many families there and new friendships were reinforced. All students had the opportunity to carve a pumpkin- which was a new experience for many.

2. Multiple Intelligence Rotations- We set up a series of activities where students can experience each of the eight “multiple intelligences” and see which ones are easier and harder for them. I really like helping them to see that there are many ways of being smart.

1. Books are flying off the shelves- Not only are my students reading loads, but students from other classes are coming in nearly every day to borrow books. I LOVE that students (and teachers) feel they can borrow books from our room, because I want everybody to love books.

Coming up this week- International Day- a busy, but fun week before break!

5 Things I Loved About Last Week

Thanks @colbysharp for the great idea for a regular reflection post!

Last week I loved:

5. Dotty Pizza Party- Thanks to our awesome art teacher and our equally fabulous room parents we ended our official celebration of Dot Days by making our own pizzas (dots!) and baking them in our outdoor pizza oven!

4. Second unit started– We started our new unit of inquiry- Identity. I am seeing all kinds of new possibilities in this unit and look forward to integrating our home language tutors in this unit.

3. Reflecting– Thanks to Katherine Sokolowski and Pernille Ripp I created a September reflection that will be a great add to our portfolios that go home soon. It is great when reflections really show thinking and these did!

2. Connections– We are loving Skype this year and had a great time singing and reading with Erin Dealey this week! We are also starting to connect with students all over the world as part of the Global Read Aloud!

1. What If?– As we keep coming back to this idea in writing it has become more a part of our thinking. This week we listened to the song “Rachel Delovoryas” and made connections to our own experiences. It was amazing to hear the quality of thinking going on and how open the students were.

Next week we have to get our portfolios together for upcoming parent conferences and I got an email that some new books *may* have arrived over the weekend. I am super excited to use a few new apps if possible this week as well.