5 Things I Loved About Last Week

Thanks @colbysharp for the great idea for a regular reflection post!

Last week I loved:

5. Dotty Pizza Party- Thanks to our awesome art teacher and our equally fabulous room parents we ended our official celebration of Dot Days by making our own pizzas (dots!) and baking them in our outdoor pizza oven!

4. Second unit started– We started our new unit of inquiry- Identity. I am seeing all kinds of new possibilities in this unit and look forward to integrating our home language tutors in this unit.

3. Reflecting– Thanks to Katherine Sokolowski and Pernille Ripp I created a September reflection that will be a great add to our portfolios that go home soon. It is great when reflections really show thinking and these did!

2. Connections– We are loving Skype this year and had a great time singing and reading with Erin Dealey this week! We are also starting to connect with students all over the world as part of the Global Read Aloud!

1. What If?– As we keep coming back to this idea in writing it has become more a part of our thinking. This week we listened to the song “Rachel Delovoryas” and made connections to our own experiences. It was amazing to hear the quality of thinking going on and how open the students were.

Next week we have to get our portfolios together for upcoming parent conferences and I got an email that some new books *may* have arrived over the weekend. I am super excited to use a few new apps if possible this week as well.

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