5 Things I Loved About Last Week-November 17

Thanks @colbysharp for the great idea for a regular reflection post!

Last week I loved:

5. My Kids’ Comments: The students presented their end of unit projects for our Identity unit Friday and the comments I heard were incredibly supportive, while still being constructively critical as needed.

4. The Compliment Greeting: As part of our identity unit it is important for the kids to learn how others see them, so we had a compliment greeting at Morning Meeting last week. The kids liked it so much that we had it again this week.

3. Reading Conferences: More kids are reading more and actually finishing more books. It is so great to read their responses and see that they are reading books I love!

2.Hugs: I was away from the class on Thursday, but as I was leaving the cafeteria I ran into my class and was smothered in hugs- I really love these kids!

1. Pajama Day: I was away from the class on Thursday due to a professional development meeting and Friday was Pajama Day, which could have been a formula for chaos and craziness, but instead it was a cozy day and we read a scary story in the dark (The Dark) among other things. It was the best day we have had as a community in awhile in terms of calmness and cooperation.

The week ahead is a busy one! We start our third unit of inquiry (Art), we have an Open Morning focusing on assessment, we have a field trip, and I have many after school obligations this week.  It is tempting to be tired just thinking about it all, but I choose to be positive. It will be a great week!

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