As with many trends in my life, this one started on Twitter! Shortly after becoming more active on Twitter I discovered The Nerdy Book Club, and it is not an exaggeration to say that my life has never been the same since then! I have happily joined in Twitter Chats, #bookaday, #bookgapchallenges, #cyberpd, and even #nErDcampbc from the comfort of my living room or wherever I happen to be at the moment. What I love about Twitter is the power it has to connect me to like-minded educators, readers, and other super smart people who unfortunately do not live near enough to me to meet for a chat in person. Twas the day of Thanksgiving and all throughout my Twitter feed there were people making what I consider to be early New Year’s resolutions. @iChrisLehman and several others dubbed them #Nerdlutions and so I was hooked (see his blog post at http://christopherlehman.wordpress.com/2013/12/01/nerdlution-and-so-can-you-faq/

Today in my third grade class we talked about habits we liked and habits we would like to create. Now here is the problem- I put my #Nerdlutions in writing, in front of my class- so now I am committed! I said I would:

write every day,

read for pleasure every day,

eat fruit every day,

thank someone every day,

and clean something at home every day.

Obviously some of these will be more fun than others, but my point is that I have to *try* to do these all each day. We talked about the fact that putting your ideas down in words for others to see makes them more powerful and I know some of my students will be keeping a special, close eye on me.

Today is day 1 and I have done 4/5 and will read for pleasure soon! Tomorrow I am going to try to be more purposeful in who I thank. I am also going to bring a bag of fruit to school so it is more accessible. All of my #Nerdlutions will help me in one way or another, so I am really going to try (but I would appreciate it if my cats did NOT continue to provide the clean up duty of cat throw up removal! Thank you!).

C’mon, you know you want to join in and make a #Nerdlution too!

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