5 Things I Loved About Last Week- December 14

Thanks @colbysharp for the great idea for a regular reflection post!

Last week I loved:

5. Reading assessments- Yeah, I know, these are not usually top of anybody’s list of great things about a week, but… I love taking the time to really listen to each of my students as they read and talk about what they have read. I was pleasantly surprised by the growth some of my students have made since the last time and attribute it to the volume of reading they have been doing.

4. Winter Concert- The students were so excited for this and although it was very hard for all of them to be great audience members, they performed very well!

3. Hour of Code– This was such a great experience for my students! I put the link in the weekly newsletter and one student had already tried some of it at home before we tried it at school We watched the introductory video together and discussed their different options, and then I set them loose! It was great to see them working independently, helping classmates who needed help, persisting through challenges, and being successful!

2. New chapter book read aloud- We started Rump  by Liesel Shurtliff on Friday. I loved the book when I read it this summer and I was eager to begin it, but was a bit nervous, because it is not a quick read and some of my colleagues have had troble hooking their students on longer read alouds this year. After the first chapter I asked my students if we should continue and it got unanimous “yes” votes. We got most of the way through the second chapter before dismissal. I am glad that their patience and stamina have made them ready for this great book!

1. Mock Caldecott continues- I continue to read some great picture books with my students and our look at potential Caldecott candidates for the year is moving along. I am glad a few other teachers at school are taking advantage of these great books too.

The week ahead is short- we finish school Wednesday. I look forward to making reading plans with my students and will use this great post http://nerdybookclub.wordpress.com/2013/12/07/top-ten-ways-to-encourage-children-to-read-over-winter-break-by-katherine-sokolowski/  to help me. On Thursday I will travel to the US and I know some book store visits are in my future there! Yay for friends and family time as well.

Have a great week!


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