Joining in to Celebrate


Celebrate This Week- January 4, 2014

For the first time I’m joining up with Ruth Ayres for her weekly link-up, Celebrate This Week. You can see all of the posts linked up at her blog Thanks for starting this, Ruth!

I am finishing up my fabulous winter break and want to celebrate my OLW for the year. You can read more about One Little Word and One Word here:

Last year was the first year I chose a word, and “love” worked well for me. I wanted to do more of what I love, choose wisely because of love, and find more things to love. This helped me to focus more on enjoying the present.

This year I have chosen “brave”. It is a word that we have talked about a lot this year in class and one that I need to take more to heart. I am challenging myself to make more choices that are brave- even though safe feels so comfortable. Brave also encompasses many other things to me- choosing kind for one. The more I have thought about brave the more it seems like the right word for me right now- more details will come, but for now, I am trying to feel brave. I think that it is a forward thinking word and will be a good word for me to keep in mind as I make some positive changes.

Have a great week!


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