Joining in to Celebrate- February 9, 2014


Celebrate This Week- February 9, 2014

 I’m joining up with Ruth Ayres for her weekly link-up, Celebrate This Week. You can see all of the posts linked up at her blog Thanks for starting this, Ruth!

5. End of unit- We finished our art unit this week. It is our longest unit and one I really enjoy, but our classroom makes a busy art unit very challenging what with storage issues, a tiny sink, etc. I was again glad that we had a week after the art show to make some more art and properly reflect.

4. Secret Pals- I talked about this idea with my class and they were unanimous in their excitement for this project. They drew the name of their secret pal on Thursday and Monday we begin a week of fun. It is just what we need to continue to develop or community and add a bit of fun.

3. Poetry Anthologies- Part 1. It has become a yearly tradition that Ramona (one of our fab German teachers) helps us create beautiful poetry anthologies. Part one was this week where the kids marbled paper. They are always beautiful!

2. Books, books, books- It was exciting to see a few of my less committed readers devouring books this week and eagerly adding books to their to be read piles.

1. Book orders arrived! This happened after the kids left on Friday, so I tucked their books into their trays where they will be waiting for Monday. As every day at least one student asks me when the order is arriving this will be a great way to start the new week!

Have a great week!

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