Monthly Archives: April 2014

Twas the Day Before Spring Break

Yesterday was the last day of school before our two week spring break and I have to admit, I was feeling ready! I was also feeling more than a tad anxious. I was anxious  for a variety of reasons. I have been super busy the last few weeks, I am moving this summer and have to get started on organizing this, the end of the school year is zooming toward me and I have so much left to do. There was also another reason- to me break equals more time for reading and my reading life has been a bit slow lately, and therefore I do not have a huge pile of books collected that I want to read over break. So I did what I tend to do- shared my stress with my students.

I asked them if they knew what break meant to me, and they all knew that it meant more free time and more time for reading. I then spoke about how for myself I have to make plans for reading so that it happens, especially this break, as I will be away from home without easy internet access for most of it. The students then filled out a Holiday Reading Plan sheet. They also did this over our first winter break, so it was familiar. After collecting it I read excerpts from many to see if the students could “name that reader”. It was amazing how well they knew their classmates as readers! It was also fun for them to hear about connections they had among their classmates. It made me feel really good about the community of readers we have built.

As the students were putting their papers inside of their backpacks, one asked, “Are these like promises?” My response was, “These are goals we are trying to achieve. This is what will help us keep our goals in mind.”

Today, on the first day of spring break I am busy gathering my pile of books- downloading books on to my Kindle, downloading audio books, and looking around my room for books that have been waiting for me to have time. I know that I have lots of organizational things to take care of over break, but I also know that I need to plan for my reading time. I am ready!