Reading Mojo

Yahoo- I have it back! I have struggled a bit as a reader since preparing to move and actually moving the last 8 months or so. I set a Goodreads goal last December of reading 214 books, and I fell short.

I kind of knew I might when I set the number, as I was pretty sure I would move and knew that this would cut into my time and energy for reading, but I am stubborn, so I refused to lower the goal.I kept reading and I kept track of my reading, which was important to me. I kept buying books, kept recommending books, also important to me. I moved to a new country, so had to find new book stores (truth- I visited the first one and made my first purchases within 24 hours of landing!). I changed schools, so I had to get used to a new community of readers (and investigate a new school library). I have established myself as a book crazy person here- quite important to me.

The last days before break I had my students create a reading plan. I made one too. I told them about Donalyn Miller’s #bookaday and told them that this is what I was aiming for over the break. We have three weeks off, so that meant a 23 book goal. Here it is two days before break ends and I have already read 26 books and I am happy to report that my reading mojo is back. I have been to a book store 4 times over break and bought many lovely new books for our classroom (thanks to Nicholas and Ashleigh for the gift certificates!). I have also ordered some through a friend who will bring them to me from the US. I am happy that I was able to pay it forward in a small way. John Schumaker is one of my kid lit reading idols and over break he celebrated his 4 year blog anniversary. I gave away a copy of one of his favorite books (The One and Only Ivan) to a teacher I have never met in his name. Over break I had more time to read about new books andI have preordered several books that are not yet published-I am a giddy reader again. I can’t wait to get to school on Monday, in part to share the great books I am bringing in, but also because I know that there are two boxes of books I ordered waiting for me… more books to read! I am so happy to feel like a reader again- I am busy making it a priority again in my life and I appreciate the joy of reading in new ways! I know that this post is somewhat stream of conscience, but know this- this reader is back and ready for more great books!

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