5 Things I Loved About This Week- Week ending February 22, 2015


I am trying to be a more positive person and appreciate all the great things in my life (my OLW, change, is a part of this. This week there was so much to celebrate!

  1. Trying out new ideas- I am lucky to have a few people in my life who listen to me when I have new ideas I want to try out and I am so grateful for them (I would probably still try them out, but it helps to have a sounding board sometimes).
  2. The gift of time- Since I live in Malaysia, this week brought a break for Chinese New Year! I used to feel compelled to travel over breaks, but now I also appreciate the slower pace of life. These last 4 days I loved lounging in my pajamas, researching things I wanted to follow up on, and having extra reading time.
  3. Ways to organize my ideas- I made a SQWORL to keep track of many of the literacy activities we will be a part of in 3EV this semester http://sqworl.com/p19dtf. This allows me to share sites easily with my students and any other teachers who would like to collaborate with us. Hopefully this will help me get more done- it looks like a busy 3 1/2 months!
  4. March Book Madness- Thanks to Tony Keefer and  http://marchbookmadness.weebly.com/ we can participate in more book fun across the miles! My students were really excited about this and we get to vote for the tourney seeding on Monday!

Spy Notebooks- Last year I had some small notebooks in my supply closet I did not know what to do with. I decided to give them to my students as “spy notebooks” halfway through the year when my writers were getting stuck for new ideas. We had talked about writers getting ideas from everyday situations and authors we had Skyped with talked about always carrying notebooks with them, so this felt like a good fit. For lots of my students it was really a great place to gather ideas. We recently had Penny Kittle work with us for a few days (ahhh, love this kind of PD!) and I talked about the notebooks. I had not started them this year, but the time was right and this week I found tiny notebooks at a book store. I brought them in on Monday and they are already proving useful.

The week ahead will be another busy one and I am glad I took the time to recall the awesome of the last week. I am stressing about a formal observation, but in my quest for eking out more relaxation from my break I am off to enjoy a manicure and pedicure.

Have a great week!

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