SOLC- March 1, 2015 Day 1/31


Honestly, all I can think of is, “Ack, what was I thinking?” I have read many Tuesday slices over the last few years and intermittently thought I might do it one year, but I never really thought that I would start by jumping into the challenge  of slicing DAILY for a month. I started talking to my third graders about writing slice of life posts when we worked on our fall personal narrative unit. I showed them some slices, we watched a video on the site, and talked about writing these as an option. Until a few weeks ago, that is where it ended. One student wrote a bunch of slices, and sometimes we looked at these as a class. At the end of January, I introduced the idea of the March challenge and bravely said I would be participating and would love it if some of them did too. We started a list of possible topics that remained on the whiteboard with periodic additions. A week or so later we spent some more time talking about the challenge. I mentioned it again mid-February. Time has a funny way of rushing by and Thursday I realized I would not see my students again until March 2. I reminded them that I would be participating and I would love company, I answered their logistical questions, and then asked who wanted in. One by one, I called the names to find out their decision- reminding them that they could always opt in later. In the end, 14 of 19 students said they wanted to give it a try and tears came to my eyes.* We are about to embark on a special journey together and regardless of how it ends up, how many complete all 31 days- we are all going to be different on March 31. We will have grown as writers, and as readers, as we slice and celebrate throughout the month. We will grow as a community as we support each other in whatever capacity we can.

Today, March 1, is a day I have been waiting for, but, boy am I scared. Kudos to my students brave enough to join me. Today we leap into the fray! We are one, but each of our stories will be told.

*Two more have emailed me to say they are in.


6 thoughts on “SOLC- March 1, 2015 Day 1/31

  1. rissable

    I think we all feel the same way. I know I do! Kudos to you for making the commitment and for inspiring your third graders to do the same!

  2. Dana Murphy

    Kudos to you and your students! I did the same as you a few years ago – I just jumped right in on Day 1 of the March challenge. I’ve Sliced continuously since then and never looked back. You won’t either.

    You’re such a great writing model for those kids. They are brave and willing to do it because they see you are.

    Welcome to our community – great Slice!

  3. Kim K

    Welcome to slicing! You are going to love it. Just wait until your kiddos catch the bug. They will keep you going and you will love this community. It is like no other. Happy March!

  4. Linda Baie

    I think your enthusiasm must have been catching. How wonderful to hear that so many of your students are going to write along with you. They will learn so much about writing, and you will too. Welcome to the community-hope you have a marvelous journey!

  5. Runner, Reader, Rockin' Mom

    I’ve never completed the March Slice of Life either, and I too am wondering what I was thinking! There are so many great posts to read and learn from that even if I don’t post every day I have at least blogged more and learned more. Happy Slicing!

  6. elsie

    The unknown is always scary, but this is a good scary. What will I write about tomorrow is the question first and foremost in my mind every day in March. After five years, you’d think it gets easier, but it doesn’t. What a wonderful journey you will take with your kids. Welcome!


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