SOLC Day 2- March 2, 2015- Day 2/31


March 2- Day 2

This morning I started the hunt for slices right away.

I live alone now, as my sons are grown- one in his last year of university and the other finished and working. I live alone, but I don’t…I have two cats who are endless sources of hilarity and frustration. Berlin and Pele, a brother sister duo who have not caught on to the fact that their food is “senior” so it would be okay if they slowed down. Berlin and Pele who we got when my younger son was just 9. Berlin and Pele who dash any cat newbie who might say that cats are aloof. This morning, as ever they waited outside the shower doors. As soon as I opened up the door to step out they both ran in eagerly lapped up the drops of water I had not squeegeed down the drain. I wonder if they think that this water is somehow better than the water that is waiting in their bowl a few meters away? I wonder if they think they are being sneaky tracking down the remaining drops? I wonder if it just adds a certain routine to their days, as they follow me about until I walk out the door to go to school? On this morning I am just happy that they are happy and not tormenting each other, happily sharing the space. After providing me with my morning chuckle I am off- I assume they sleep the day away, but really, who knows what mischief they have planned while nobody is watching.

7 thoughts on “SOLC Day 2- March 2, 2015- Day 2/31

  1. dogtrax

    Hunting for Slices … that’s what the Slice of Life can do — make you pay attention to things and moments that might otherwise come and go, with little fanfare. I could “see” your cats, waiting and sharing the water.

  2. Kim K

    “who have not caught on to the fact that their food is “senior” so it would be okay if they slowed down” I love this line- I have two of those too. I’ll have to look a little closer at them in my own hunt for slices. Thanks!

  3. Donna Smith

    I have long had the feeling that my animals used the appliances while I was gone. Noah, our cat, has his own blog linked from my site. Perhaps your cats would enjoy reading it sometime. It isn’t my SOL blog, but is linked off it. Noah’s is if they are interested.

  4. rissable

    My dogs go at it all the time. I would love to have a doggie-cam to video them while we’re out. I bet they’re nice to each other! Love how you found your slice in your furry friends.

  5. jhaworthoy

    I loved this blog post! We just adopted 2 kitty siblings…a male and female…a year old. It had been a year since our elderly kitty of 22 years had died. I wrote my post about them yesterday! So…visiting your home this morning to see y kitties…made me smile. They seem to have your routine down…and I, too, wonder what the appeal to shower water is. Thank you so much for writing about Berlin and Pele. Jackie

  6. Theresa Lollis

    My cat does this same thing! Well one of them does, bunches, she’s the daughter of my other cat who I think hates me or doesn’t want to be bothered with me….or any of us.


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