SOLC- March 7, 2015- Day 7/31Book Stores


Book Stores

It seems to me that the weekend is not complete without at least one visit to a bookstore. I am a proud member of The Nerdy Book Club, so it should come as no surprise that I love books. I feel both energized and exhausted after a visit. Energized, because the hunt is what it is about- I am always on the lookout for certain books (unfortunately the selection here is not marvelous), but whether I find them or not I can not recall coming away empty handed. Today I was looking for The Greedy Triangle (where my copy has walked to is anybody’s guess!). Well, they have not stocked that since 2012 they tell me. Did that mean I walked away? No. I combed the shelves looking for books that would catch my eye. This is what I took away:


The ones you can not see are The Frog Scientist and  If. I do not know what has happened to our classroom copy of Smile, but it seemed worth replacing, as readers keep looking for it.

I leave exhausted because it is a lot of looking and thinking. Which books for which readers? Should I really buy hat many? Which sections of our class library need an update? Which genres need a boost? Whose hunger should I feed? Do I really need these? I pick books up and put them down. Unfortunately in many bookstores here the books are covered in plastic, so I can not properly leaf through them before deciding. A bookstore visit is never quick, it is always expensive, but it makes my weekend feel like a weekend- a little bit of what I need to make me feel complete.

12 thoughts on “SOLC- March 7, 2015- Day 7/31Book Stores

  1. OK…is that Ken Jennings of Jeopardy fame? I love books too. I try to stick to the used book store or I’d be eating mac and cheese every day to support my habit. I love bookstores too.

  2. The Nerdy Book Club has drained my wallet quite a bit, as has my Goodreads friend feed and Facebook friends’ posts. Unfortunately, the only bookstores we have are the overpriced university bookstore and a used bookstore w/ few YA selections. Have you read the follow-up to “Smile”? I have gleaned several lesson plans from it. I need to blog about that!

  3. Looks like you found plenty of books today. I love a good bookstore stop. We only have a Barnes and Noble, wish we had more choices. I miss Borders.

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