SOLC- Day 8/31- March 8, 2015


Seasons of Love

Having just completed the last set of Parent Conferences for the school year I am struck by how quickly this year is zooming by. It is my first year at a new school, so there have been many adjustments. It is the first time in a long time that I did not know most of my students before the school year started. I told several parents at conferences that at this time of year I always wish that I had told the principal that I would like to move up to fourth grade with the students. Now that we know each other better we are so productive as the students and I have history together and we can cut to the chase when we need to, as we understand much about each other’s wants and needs. A favorite song, “

A favorite song, “Seasons of Love” from the musical Rent came to mind this weekend as I read their slice of life blog posts. It is interesting to think about what we will all take away from the year together. I know that our memories will vary, and what one student will take away may be something quite unintended on my part.What I hope they will take away is that we were a community for the year, but that the bond can be forever. I hope they remember that learning is exciting and individual, but also highly collaborative. I hope they remember that a growth mindset allows for even more learning. I hope that they remember that words matter and that books can take you anywhere. I hope they remember that asking questions shows that you are thinking, mistakes help in learning, and we are all learners. They are a great group of third graders and I look forward to a fantastic last quarter with them.

What I am trying to focus on is all that we have accomplished so far so that the ticking clock does not send me into a frenzied panic about all that is left to do. I want to be mindful of what matters most, and if I had to pick one word it would be community.

So, this is not really a slice of life, but a slice of what is whirring around in my brain as I look over lesson plans for the week ahead.


3 thoughts on “SOLC- Day 8/31- March 8, 2015

  1. LBD

    This is a slice of life. A slice we all need to dig deep into. Your words and thoughts are of Seasons of Love and community. Don’t we all need a slice of that in our day? It seem to be in your day? Thank you for sharing.

  2. Marcie

    You bring up a great point. When I read through your “hopes” I can’t help but imagine a poem or letter to your students being drafted. I would love to see you capture those beautiful sentiments somewhere as you move forward this spring. Great slice!


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