SOLC14- March 14, 2015 10 Cities I’ve Lived in and Something to Love About Them All


March 14, 2015 SOLC14/31

10 Cities I Have Lived in and Something I Have Loved About Each One

Yesterday’s slices for many were lists and I was inspired to create one of my own. I have moved a fair bit in my life and I really have loved each place, so here (not in chronological order, because I   have lived in a few places more than once) are ten of the cities I have lived in and some highlights of each.

1. Newton, MA- we lived here when I was 3-6 and again from age 12-22. I loved that Newton was fairly diverse and had something for everyone. I loved that as a teenager it gave me easy access via public transportation to Boston and Cambridge. I have so many fond memories of people and places here.

2. Amherst, MA- This is where I went to university and it was such a great time in my life. I loved the big school feel, but the small town of Amherst. I loved that this part of Massachusetts was arty and an interesting combination of the many different “groups” there. I loved that it felt really far away from “home”.

3. Hull, England- I loved being in this city for my junior year of university. I loved the down-to-earthiness of the people and the opportunity I had to teach there (even though I was scared witless at the start- middle school math and science was not what I considered my areas of expertise). This was really a year of growth.

4. Columbia, MD- I moved here right after university to teach and found it a great place to live then for the proximity to both DC and Baltimore, but also for the convenience of having everything nearby within Columbia. Later when I returned with children I appreciated the school system even more along with the great outdoor spaces. I  loved the diversity here too.

5. Amsterdam, The Netherlands- I LOVED the art here and the ease of being here with a baby stroller. We spent a lot of time walking in parks and museums.

6. Hong Kong- Of course I loved the food here. I also loved the freneticness (for awhile) and had fun at markets, even though I am not a shopper.

7. Warsaw, Poland- Initially I did not want to move there and personally it was a rough time family wise, but I loved the feel of being in a city on the rise. The people I met were kind and the expat community at the school was special.

8. Mumbai, India- I loved the color and surprise here. I only was here for a year and know I only scratched the surface. I love the smell of block printed fabrics from India because they can still transport me there. Again, I loved the school.

9. Berlin, Germany- I loved it’s originality and the variety there. I never found it particularly beautiful, although parts were. I loved that I got to live here twice. It was great to be a part of a school community where I felt I could teach the way I believed was best.

10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- my current home. I love that I am getting to see new places with new friends (but I sure am missing old friends!). It feels like a brand new start, as I have moved here all alone. I love wondering what memories I will take away from here.


6 thoughts on “SOLC14- March 14, 2015 10 Cities I’ve Lived in and Something to Love About Them All

  1. Ava

    What a good idea for a slice! It is good that you have at least 1 thing you like from each of the cities you have lived in.
    -Ava ( you’re own student )

  2. tcrwpliteracycoachJenn

    Such an interesting post – though your home moves from place to place the one constant seems to be… love. You bring love and appreciation everywhere you go that is an amazing outlook to have on life. Thank you for sharing this slice of life with us. Staying curios is a great quality that every great teacher understands.

  3. Terrie's Tantalizing Tidbits #sol15

    I love the idea of writing a list. I think I will try it! Your list was well written. The whole time I am reading your list I am thinking, “This is one lucky person.” All the wonderful images that have embedded in your mind. Keep up the great work!

  4. Lynn

    Wow! What experiences you have had! I just moved for the first time and love it! Very interesting slice, thanks!

  5. Pat

    Wow, this list is impressive! My family moved a lot when I was young, but it was always in rural areas because we were sharecroppers. I can only imagine how disconnected you felt at times, yet you found friends and built a life in each community.

  6. Jaana

    Great idea for a post! You have lived a very interesting life! I have only visited one city on your list multiple times: Hong Kong.(Well, maybe I’ve been at the airport in Amsterdam:-)


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