SOLC15- March 15, 2015 5 Things I Loved About Last Week



March 15, 2015- 5 Things I Loved About Last Week

1. Trying out new ideas- I have been reading Notice and Note and love the signposts they identify for students to focus on for close reading. This week we used our read aloud, The One and Only Ivan for several of the signposts and I have planned more of the same for next week.

2. Making connections- Through a comment I received on a slice my class has connected with another in New York and we will have our students comment on each other’s blog posts. I also loved that even though we are far apart I have been able to help get them started with blogging.

3. Spreading the (book) love- Even though World Read Aloud Day was not this week a colleague heard about the Skyes we had with authors that day and was interested in trying it with her class and she did this week. I love that more students are exposed to amazing authors (thanks, Erin Dealey!).

4. Slicing- To be completely honest I was not sure I would stick with it, and so far I have! I am also so impressed that so many of my students are slicing each day too. I have really seen growth in them as writers and love the way it has changed our outlook (see slice 12 I think).

5. A new student is arriving- Monday we will welcome our 20th student ( the maximum we can have) and I am so happy. I love having an even number- it just makes things easier, as we do so much in partners and small groups. I had my students fill in a speech bubble with things someone should know about our class, third grade, or the school, and they really nailed so many of the important things. It was great to see that they “get” that we are a community and are there for each other. I wish I had taken a photo of it to attach here, but take my word for it: reading, writing, math, were all mentioned, but support, making mistakes, and caring were highlighted. They are excited to welcome a new student to our community.

I hope you had lots to celebrate this week too!

6 thoughts on “SOLC15- March 15, 2015 5 Things I Loved About Last Week

  1. Terrie's Tantalizing Tidbits #sol15

    YEAH!!! We go back to school on Monday in Katy, Texas. I am so ready. I don’t do well with breaks. We have our state assessment: STAAR on the 30-31st. 68% of the test is revise and edit passages, while 32% is divided between a narrative prompt and expository prompt. ….such is life in Texas!

  2. Dana

    Isn’t it wonderful when a series of events in the school week, add up to an awesome one? So happy for you! Your post inspires me to keep track of those moments and to write them down! Thank you for sharing!

    Plus, when you have that terrible week and you feel down in the dumps, you can have a “memory moment” thinking of this awesome week, then you will have an “aha moment” realizing that some weeks are just not gonna be good, and that’s okay. Then that “contrast and contradiction” will happen and you will be all smiles because you were able to change that attitude! That’s a Signpost Swoop for you! MM to AHA to CC! Okay, couldn’t help myself from throwing in some Notice and Note stuff!!! (Are you a member of the Facebook page: Notice and Note Book Club? If not, you MUST join! I’ve posted some things on there about the Signpost Swoops, picture book lessons for each of the SPs, and more, and others have posted stuff too! Kylene Beers, herself is on there all the time!! Just go to the files section on the page once you join!)

    1. Ms Victor Reads Post author

      Thanks, Dana, for the comment. Yes, I am a member of the Facebook page (I actually joined that way before I read the book because I knew I would love the book). I have seen your videos there too.

  3. lgrainger125

    I’m glad you had a great week and shared it hear. I just finished The One and Only Ivan with my third graders as a read aloud. They loved it. It has continued to bring some great discussion.

  4. rissable

    I love the connection we’ve made too! We definitely have lots in common. I also prefer an even number of students. I just got my 23rd…even though he knocked the balance off…he’s a great kid and a wonderful addition! Enjoy your week!

  5. Jaana

    So glad your students are slicing too! If we didn’t have so much testing right now, I would love to slice with my studnets as well. Thanks for the info on the Notice and Note Book Club page on Facebook!


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