SOL16- March 16, 2015 I’m Still Writing


March 16, 2016

It is all the tiny decisions you make that end up changing your life- whether you planned for it or not. When I started this challenge it had a few purposes- one to kickstart me as a blogger again, because I have not been blogging much at all lately; secondly to walk the walk- I know that as a teacher of writing I should be a writer myself and this was one way I could do that; and thirdly in order to challenge my students to slice daily I knew I had to model that bravery.

What I did not count on was the way that it would change my brain. I find myself thinking about writing a lot more than I ever have in the past. Things happen or words are said and I think, “That would make a great slice!” I also am noticing other people’s writing more- as I read slices (which I have done regularly in the past) I find inspiration and opportunities, where before I simply enjoyed the stories. I see mini-lessons- craft moves I want to try out myself and pass on to my students. What I did not predict, but now am living is how hard it is to willfully break this new habit. Today is Monday and I started the day already sleepy. After a busy day at school, I had a planning meeting with a few colleagues, followed by a bit more than an hour helping out as some of our fifth graders worked with some Somali refugees as part of an ongoing service project. On the way home I decided to stop off to make an appointment for a long overdue haircut but discovered I could have it cut right then and there. I knew I was too tired, but as I am a master procrastinator I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to get it done. Once home, I had to link up the slices that my great third graders have written. Having done all this, I was ready to slide into bed but no, I still had a slice to write! Realistically I know that nobody would notice if I missed one day. But here’s the thing- I would know and for today that is all that matters. I know there will still be days when I do not write, but I hope they come after March 31. As for me now, I can honestly say that today I feel like a writer and my day would not have felt complete if I had not taken these few minutes to get some words down. Because I know that other people might be feeling what I am I will also comment, however briefly, on at least three blog posts before I crawl into bed and think about the posts that have yet to come. I’ll call that prewriting! Who would have thought.


2 thoughts on “SOL16- March 16, 2015 I’m Still Writing

  1. Holly Mueller

    I understand exactly how you feel!! Last year, when I took on this challenge for the first time, I transformed into a writer! I, too, started thinking about ideas all the time. I, too, forced myself to write and post on days that I didn’t really have time or didn’t necessarily want to. I wouldn’t have missed the challenge this year for anything!! Kudos to Two Writing Teachers for making us all writers! 🙂

  2. rosecappelli

    I agree that writing every day changes your brain. I, too, find myself thinking more about writing and trying to store up some ideas. I think I even dreamed a blog post last night!


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