SOLC20- March 20, 2015 Communities


March 20, 2015


It was after school today that I thought about what I would write today. After school on a Friday, is not “prime time” for a teacher- I was exhausted. I first went to the MS/HS campus of our school for a support vigil in honor of colleagues from a nearby international school. It was a moving testimony it was lovely to see our school supporting in any way possible. There I reflected upon the “international school community” and how important a network is when times are tough. Sometimes just supporting from a distance is all that you can do. I then went to a colleague’s apartment for a quick drink before moving on to a larger gathering. TWe met up with a larger group of colleagues (mostly other teachers new to the school, but with a nice mix of older hands too). By nature I am a fairly solitary person and moving this summer has made me even more so, but tonight I was reminded of the need for community- a chance to be together, talk about everything and nothing at all, just being together to know each other better. It was nice to hear about vacation plans, sick kids recovering, a new mom’s adjustments to being back at work, weekend goals, what is going on in other parts of the school. I really want to be more involved in the world beyond me and I need to get better at being more social and seeking out opportunities. When you are away from “home” building community can take more work, but it always is worth it in the end.

One thought on “SOLC20- March 20, 2015 Communities

  1. Yes, it IS always worth it. Look for the balance of together and alone times. Sounds like you’re making good inroads with your new place. Good luck!

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