SOLC22- March 22, 2015- 5 Things I Loved About This Week



March 22, 2015

5 Things I Loved About This Week

1. We welcomed a new student- It can be hard joining a class at this time of year, but the “old” students are really stepping up and helping J. get settled. J. also helps himself by being open and doing what he can alone and asking for help when he needs it. He has already started blogging!

2. Authors and illustrators- It is clear to anyone who knows me at all that I LOVE books. Lately, the children of a colleague have taken to hanging out in our classroom before school starts to read, read, read. One day recently they decided to make quick sketches based on the books they were reading. I tweeted the pictures and tagged the authors/illustrators. Within minutes, we had responses from them and the two young illustrators went out the door with an extra bounce in their steps. Their work had been seen and enjoyed by people they admire so much. This is a story they will hold on to forever! Thanks to Ame, Dyckman, Zachariah Ohora, and James Burks!

3. Wolfie the Bunny- I love Ame Dyckman and when I heard that she had a new book coming out I preordered it right away. A friend who has moved back to the US has offered to have her husband (who still lives here) carry stuff to me when he flies back to Malaysia, so I had the book sent to her. Sadly, it did not make it in time to come back with him at the end of February, so I did what any normal book lover would do- I ordered another copy from a local bookstore. Weeks ago, before the book was published I showed the trailer to my after school activity group (it’s called Book Love, so you know we are a fun group!). Every week since they ask me if the book has arrived. Finally, on Tuesday I could share it with them. It was lovely to see 25 second through fifth graders enjoy this new book (yes, one of those book lovers was one of the fan artists mentioned in #2).

4. The writers in the class- As I have mentioned before my students were invited to join in the Slice of Life Classroom Challenge. I am amazed at how many of them are slicing daily and how they are taking risks and trying new things as writers. We have used mini lessons I “stole” from other slicers and the students bravely tried new forms. I am also impressed with how they are growing as readers through the challenge. They are making more thoughtful comments on blog posts and trying to help each other grow.

5. The One and Only Ivan- We are coming to the end of this fabulous read aloud. On Friday, as I finished up the section for the day I heard:

“Oh no, can’t you read more?”

“How is this going to end?”

“Ms. Victor your face is all red.” “

“Ms. Victor you have teary eyes.”

“You had tears in your voice as you read that part.”

“I don’t want this book to end.”

A great book is meant to be lived and it is safe to say that the 20 third graders in 3EV are a big part of this story. They are blogging about what is right to do with animals, what it means to be free, keeping promises, friendship, and more. Thank you Katherine Applegate!

We will finish this book on Wednesday and I can already predict that the moment we finish will make my top 5 moments for next week.

Have a great week!


10 thoughts on “SOLC22- March 22, 2015- 5 Things I Loved About This Week

  1. Terje

    Wonderful celebrations. So much book love! Both new and old favorites can bring so much joy to third graders. All the reading is also supporting your students as young writers.

  2. Jaana

    I love reading celebration posts! There is something so special when you look back at your week and notice all the special moments–big or small.

  3. Dana

    Love these moments from your week! Your love of teaching and books is so passionate and inspiring!! This is a great format that I will have to try!! Thank you for sharing!!!


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