SOLC26- The Little Things


March 26, 2015

Today is the day Spring Break Eve Eve. As I write, it is Thursday at 4:30 after a great day at school. I have just spent time getting some things organized, reading students SOL posts, putting them up on a page, returning two huge stacks of books to the library (only to find another pile that will have to wait until tomorrow because the library is now closed, and now before I go home I want to write my post (because my internet at home is so sketchy).

Today four of my 20 students were absent. One has been out since last Thursday (extended holiday), but three others were out sick. When we had Morning Meeting the class felt so much smaller. One student reported that he had had trouble sleeping the night before because he was so excited for the March Book Madness results today (he had to wait until after morning recess to see the results- there *may* have been some shouts involved. In fact, all day long the class felt just a bit smaller and quieter, that is until near the end of the day. We have Math after lunch and recess and today was part one of a geometry assessment. After reviewing some big ideas together, the students set off to work. After  about 15 minutes, the first students tried to pass in their papers, but then dutifully went back to check to check their work. As soon as a few finished there was a bit more noise. One of our routines is that when students finish what they must do in math they can go on to math choices (reading about math, writing about math, math practice, or math games). The students all have their favorites, but today there were some excited game players. As more and more students joined in, the class definitely lost that small, quiet feeling. At the end of the day, two students reminded their classmates that they would not be at school tomorrow, as they were starting break early. I wonder how many will be at school in the end, what with illnesses thrown in the mix too (one student spent the last half hour at school resting in the nurse’s office because he had been feeling unwell all day and was just too tired). I can feel the energy in the class shifting- some so excited for the adventures ahead over break, others sad that they will miss their friends, but all feeling that a break is coming. It is hard to believe that we are already at Spring Break- this year has rushed by and I am already getting a little sad about this great group of kids moving on. We talked about this today as well and the students have begun talking about things we must do before the year ends. A special year is made up of many moments, but today I am thankful that it is Spring Break Eve Eve.

2 thoughts on “SOLC26- The Little Things

  1. missmoyer

    I enjoyed reading your reflection.
    Today is our last day till break as well.
    I share your feeling of how quickly the year’s passed too. It’s been such a hard year, yet it is almost over. Enjoy!


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