SOL- April 28, 2015 I Wish You More


April 28, 2015

I Wish You More

I started this post several different times not including the prewriting I do all week thinking about my post. As I sit here after a long day I am still a bit stuck for words. We had an early dismissal today so that our faculty could work with an expert on “child protection”.  As I sat there I was thinking about the morning we had just had with our third graders. For the last two days, we had a team of scientists in working with our students to help them learn more about space. The kids were excited and were learning lots- I am certain they had many ideas bubbling around in their heads on the way home today. The professional development afternoon was a chance for us to have important discussions, develop shared understandings and language, and find ways to do our jobs better for the students we have. As I sat here getting ready to write I found myself remembering a book I read this morning before school. I Wish You More, written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld, was a book I had ordered long ago. This morning a package of six books was waiting for me and I hurried to label them but took a few moments to read this one. The book is short and sweet, but the message stuck with me. It is about always wanting more for our kids, but not  in just the tangible, material ways. I think this is what we want for our own children, as parents- particularly poignant for me at the moment, as my younger son will graduate from college in three weeks and sadly I will not be there. It is also what we want for the children we teach. We want them to be the best that they can be and we support them as they move along. We want them to have amazing experiences, enjoy their lives, and love with their whole heart. This afternoon I received a lovely email from a young woman who is about to graduate from high school. We first met when she visited my former school and I introduced myself to her and her family as they toured. It happened to be Pajama Day in the elementary school and I was wearing my fuzzy purple bath robe, a fact that has stuck in her head for the 4 or so years that we have known each other. She was a high school student, so never a student of mine, but we were involved in activities in common. Today her quick email was just to let me know that the seniors had Pajama Day and she thought of me and that she is off to the college of her dreams in the fall. It made me happy that she took time out of her studying to send me a kind note.

As is often the case, when I start thinking of an idea I see it everywhere. Today I was struck by I Wish You More. It is part of what I love about being a mom, a teacher, and a friend. Today I am thinking of ways that I can be more, bring more, do more.

6 thoughts on “SOL- April 28, 2015 I Wish You More

  1. elsie

    We wish so much for our own children and the students who pass through our classes. We always want more for them and most of the time I think they know that. I need to find that book, I am a huge Amy K. Rosenthal fan.


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