#cyberpd week 3- July 20, 2015 Chapters 6 and 7


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I do love summer PD! This third week of #cyberpd I am in my third location. As I write this I am sitting in an airport in Northwest Arkansas after a weekend visit to my younger son, a recent college graduate who had just started his first career. Before I begin about the book a few observations about our weekend: I brought him two books I had just finished reading (Ungifted and The Honest Truth). I told him that if he was not going to read them we could leave them in the Little Free Library we were going to visit. He said he did not like to read “kids’ books” like me, but that I should leave them with him (so I bought two new books to leave at the Little Free Library). During the weekend he did not pick up a book, but he read a lot, switching back and forth between his phone and tablet.

Reflections on Chapters 6 and 7:

Once again I liked the reflective questions the authors posed. I will definitely add questions about digital reading to my start of year reading interest survey. I know that from last year’s class not many used devices to read linear text, but I also know that I did not really ask them much about their digital reading lives and I definitely was not as explicit as I plan to be this year in broadening their definition of digital reading. The tools mentioned for assessment were not new to me, but I know that I have to be more intentional and authentic as we move through the year. We started the year by brainstorming a list of ways to share our learning, but this year I think we should also add on purposes for each, so students can be more intentional in their choices. I know I have to get better at documenting the assessment. I have dabbled in Evernote in the past, but as I am not a good typist I often forget to jot notes. Using it to record conferences will make it more likely to happen.

I think that a part of my job as a teacher is parent education and I would like to do a better job helping families to see how their home and school/work reading lives are connected. I would also love to find way to get parents and other family members more actively involved in the learning we do at school. Some parents commented on the student blogs, but many more did not. I would like to survey parents to find out way they will engage. I liked all of the tips for family outreach.

Thanks to all the participants in #cyberpd- it is always a highlight of my summer to learn with so many other educators. Special thanks to Cathy, Michelle, and Laura for hosting this and leading the thinking. You chose a great book (again!) and I look forward to trying out many new ideas and sharing the learning with colleagues as we head back to school in a week and a half.

3 thoughts on “#cyberpd week 3- July 20, 2015 Chapters 6 and 7

  1. Michelle @litlearningzone

    You wrote your post from NW Arkansas and I leave you this comment from north central Arkansas, as I’m visiting my parents! Thanks for your insights and thoughts about the last two chapters. I’m with you, I appreciated the additional questions posed by Franki and Bill to have conversations about digital learning and texts. I need to also get better at being more explicit with students. I loved this thought: “We started the year by brainstorming a list of ways to share our learning, but this year I think we should also add on purposes for each, so students can be more intentional in their choices.” Yes, yes, yes!

    Best of luck as you return back to school (very soon!)! Safe travels and happy purposeful planning! I’m so glad that you participated in #cyberPD again — and thank you for your kind words. The beauty of #cyberPD is the community of learners!


  2. Debra Rosenquist

    I feel the same way about parent involvement and want to do a better job. And I also have just a few parents that comment on our blog. I wonder if they just don’t know how to do it! As I begin thinking about September I want to adjust my parent survey to get more specific information and find quick ways to teach my families about digital literacy. I’m always trying to find the easiest way to connect with them! It seems that most papers often go right in the garbage, so I hesitate to send one more paper home. A colleague is planning on using Google Forms to survey his parents in the fall.

    I’ve enjoyed reading all of your thoughts throughout our cyberPD this summer. Best of luck in September!

  3. Cathy Mere

    I wonder how many different locations we have read and posted from as a group. I know I have been in three different spaces. Of course, this is the beauty of digital tools as they allow us to connect and learn from a variety of places.

    Like you, I know I need to be more intentional as I try to weave digital opportunities into my daily lessons with students. I also know I need to help students to think about the purposes for this work. This: “We started the year by brainstorming a list of ways to share our learning, but this year I think we should also add on purposes for each, so students can be more intentional in their choices.”

    Finally, I’m so glad you joined the event again this year. I look forward to diving into professional reading with this amazing group each year. I feel like I have a much deeper understanding of the ideas presented and a layered view of this new thinking. It’s always interesting to read so many different perspectives. I look forward to continuing the conversation as we step into our new school years.

    Thank you for your participation and thoughtful response to others in the community,


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