SOL- July 28, 2015 -Just Like That, Currently


SOL- July 28, 2015

Just Like That, Currently

Reading colleagues’ Facebook posts about traveling today and tomorrow,

Breathing a sigh of relief that I have already made the long trek,

Reflecting on my summer, full of fun, love, and learning,

Gathering notes for my first days back in the classroom,

Noticing that I usually would have spent more time in my room before the first official day this Thursday,

Preparing to create my summer reading door,

Making a list of literacy based opportunities for connections to remind myself and my colleagues,

Trying to remember what I do on those first days,

Deciding what matters most,

Anticipating the fun and challenge of starting with a new group,

Starting to stress myself out,

Knowing that I love my job,

Recalling my one little word- change!

9 thoughts on “SOL- July 28, 2015 -Just Like That, Currently

  1. jarhartz

    Just like that, it arrives. All of the planning the complicated thoughts and dreams start soon for real! I love the passion I hear in your words. Excited for you and your students. I’ll be joining you soon. Thinking of you on Thursday!

  2. Jaana

    Loved how your one little word fit in so well with all the other things going on! All the best to you on your first day!

  3. margaretsmn

    When I got to “Starting to stress myself out,” I thought “Oh, yeah.” I am with you. We start next Tuesday, but I’ve been in the classroom for a week preparing. It looks good, but am I really ready for the teaching part?

  4. sallydonnelly11

    You are so smart to keep your OLW in mind. Have a wonderful school year!! Here in VA we don’t start until the day after a Labor Day. By then you will know all those kiddos and be ready to change your summer book display!! Whenever the school year begins, it arrives and then it is none stop! Enjoy every minute of your year of change!!


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