#pb10for10- Building Community

It is hard to believe it is that time of year again! This year I am not brand new at my school and school started last week, so in planning I knew long ago that my theme for #pb10for10 would be this- building community. Yes, there will be overlap from lists I have made in the past, but that is the thing about favorites- they do many jobs!

In no particular order:

Ralph Tells a Story– It is so obvious that Abby Hanlon gets kids! This want to be writer who thinks he has no stories to tell reminds many students of themselves! It is a funny story that shows the struggles of writing workshop.


 765654Ish– Doing the best we can each day! It is a good reminder that we are all trying to do our best.

18383325The Most Magnificent Thing– Trying again and again and learning from our first attempts. I especially liked that the one doing all of the tinkering was a girl. The ending surprises my students.


  1. Counting on Frank– The importance of asking questions and following our passions is reiterated in this book. Frank also quite likes math!


  1. This Is Sadie- I love this story of a little girl who is the characters in the books she reads. She is great about using her imagination and entertaining herself.
  1. How to Read a Story- As we build our reading community this is a good reminder that stories are often even better when shared. This is a message I think parents need to remember too.


12448586 Boy + Bot– Friends do not have to be just like you and you have to support your friend in their best way, not yours.

18349884    My Teacher Is a Monster– I love this story of a developing relationship between a teacher and one of her students. The students notice so many details here.


Each Kindness- This is a rare children’s book that does not end “happily ever after.” The message of considering your actions (living ethically in our school’s SLRs) is powerful!

The Story of Fish and Snail-Being brave and compromising with friends is so important. This is a book I like to read on the first day of school! I loved the discussions we had with this book.


Eeek- there are so many others that I could have included (Enemy Pie, Chrysanthemum, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon, etc, but 10 it is*!

I would love to read what your favorite community building books are!

*Bonus-The Dot- Making our mark! I will not share this book until International Dot Day, but I could not leave it off. It is one of the ways we expand our community too. I hope you will join in the fun!

4 thoughts on “#pb10for10- Building Community

  1. Michelle @litlearningzone

    What a great list of books to build community. It’s amazing how many picture books can help us. I could have easily included “Ish” in my list as well (but I did include at least one Reynolds’ book title!). I have not read “Counting on Frank” so I’ll be checking that one out!

  2. Melanie Roy

    Erika, what a thoughtful list! I cannot wait to order Ralph Tells a Story which is a new one for me. Thank you, and have a great start to the school year!


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