SOL- August 11, 2015- Creating Writers


SOL- August 11, 2015

Creating Writers

Just the other day I was trying to build excitement for the official start of writer’s notebooks in third grade. I held up my notebook and talked about how it is just one of several that I own and that I am trying to be better about writing in notebooks because as a teacher of writing I know it helps if I have and share a writing life. I flipped through some pages, sharing that I wrote lists, plans, ideas for future slices, planning for the future, etc.

D. called out, “Read that one- it looks like a poem!”

I responded that yes, I do sometimes write poems in my notebook. I cleared my throat and began to read. Fortunately/unfortunately it was a poem all about a time when I was out walking and was desperate to pee, with nowhere to “go”. This was definitely a model for my students about small moments, writing what you know, and trying out new writing.

We started our new notebooks by brainstorming some topics. Then, I handed out the gold- home writing notebooks. I explained that this notebook was because they get to write each night as well.  After answering many questions about forms of writing and other (non) limits the students tucked them in their folders. This morning the students were soooo excited to share their home writing notebooks as they walked in the door. I got a report from a parent-colleague that her son would not even let her put down her heavy bags of groceries before excitedly sharing his writing and notebook.

I am excited that we are off to such an enthusiastic start.


7 thoughts on “SOL- August 11, 2015- Creating Writers

  1. lgrainger125

    Just gearing up for school to start after Labor Day. I hope my students have the same enthusiasm. I picked up my writing units of study yesterday and today I’ll dig in. Thanks for your share!

  2. showgem

    I am sured they loved your story about the walk in the woods. I am sure they made connections to your story which helped with their excitement about their new wrtiting journals.

  3. Haddon Musings

    Sounds like your school year is off to a great start. I think that your poem about no place to go helped humanize you to your students. I think that too often children don’t realize that teachers are just people with thoughts and needs just like them.

  4. mrssurridge

    Success already. I’m hoping I can get my students as excited for their notebooks. Maybe I should write a similar story. That topic is totally age appropriate for my group.


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