SOL- August 25, 2015 Whir, Zoom, Day 15!


SOL- August 25, 2015

Whir, Zoom, Day 15

It is hard to believe that today is only the 15th day of the new school year. Today I feel so busy that I am making a list of some of the things going on (in no particular order):

  • Tomorrow night is Open House for parents (hmm, I have not done anything to prepare- thank goodness most of it is done as a team- I appreciate my team so much!).
  • Tomorrow is also Day 2 of our principal selection committee after school (we are Skyping in the short list to whittle it down to 2-3- that means I have to reread resumes and references tonight). I am glad to be able to help make this important decision.
  • Today a colleague and I invited our colleagues to come to a Q & A session about Twitter after school, especially focusing on Twitter Chates, such as TCRWP’s Twitter Fest- it was fun to spread our love of Twitter as ongoing PD.
  • A few of us in each grade are piloting the Teachers College reading and writing units- I LOVE this, but the first time through anything takes a lot of extra time, and this is no exception.
  • We have our grade level performance coming up in four weeks- we got a lot of planning done for it today, but there is more ahead.
  • Two global projects that I like to be involved with are coming up soon and they both take some planning, preparation, and time (International Day of Peace means a song has to be learned and a video made before September 14th and International Dot Day means setting up connections with other classes and figuring out what we will do before September 15th.
  • Then there is all the normal, everyday planning that all teachers do.
  • I am still getting to know the 17 learners in my class and figure out more about what they all need- this takes a lot of time and thought at the start of the year.

This is NOT a complaining list, just a noticing that the year is in full tilt already. When I first started teaching (many years ago) I used to think that there would be a “quiet time” of year. Now I know that so such time exists! In retrospect, that disillusionment was similar to the “I’ll have so much free time” I anticipated as I began my years of being a stay at home mom while my kids were young. It is true some people thrive on being busy I often wonder when is busy too much. I feel like I could be a happy less busy person as well, but then I think of my colleagues who have more demands on their time and energy at home than I do and feel grateful.

As for me, for now, I know that my most important job right now is getting to know my learners. One thing that I have noticed this year more than ever is that my worlds continue to overlap- the writing I do on my blog and in my notebook help inform me as a teacher of third-grade writers, for instance. I love that feeling of being a “double dipper”- in this case doing something for me (blogging) also does something for as a teacher. I guess that is the point of reflection. Taking time to reflect ends up helping me to work smarter (but not necessarily faster!). Reflection also makes me notice all of the things I have to be grateful for- I am lucky to have such a great class this year- it is so fun to learn with them and these early days are so precious.

5 thoughts on “SOL- August 25, 2015 Whir, Zoom, Day 15!

  1. Adrienne

    It’s insane how we go from zero to 60 once school begins…and all other activities start again after the summer break. It’s good, but exhausting.

  2. Ramona

    Wow – I remember these days. Hoping you’ll have a few moments to pause in your busy days. Isn’t it fun to blog and get it all down on paper? Enjoy your new group of learners.

  3. sallydonnelly11

    i read your post after I finished reflecting on my day and making a list! I feel we are kindred souls and both 3rd gr teachers. My school starts Sept 8th so you are ahead of me. My list is all things to get ready and then your list reminds me of what Oct will feel like. But I do love teaching!! Good luck with all your honorable tasks. The kids are lucky to have such a reflective teacher!


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