SOL- September 15, 2015- Today Is Dot Day and We Are Not at School


Today Is Dot Day and We Are Not at School

Today Is Dot Day and we are not at school. For the past few years, I have enjoyed celebrating Dot Day with my third graders. The book is a favorite and the message is so important- we all matter and our creativity needs to shared in some way. I started talking about Dot Day in my class a few weeks ago, and they kept asking, “What is Dot Day?”

“You’ll see,” I answered, “and you will love it!”

Monday I shared the book and we looked at an Animoto that our class made last year. We looked at some of the dots made by authors and illustrators. Their homework last night was to make dots- in any way they wanted and bring them in to share on Dot Day. We also had plans to get together with a younger class at school to make shared dots, Skype with groups in Thailand and Germany, create a shared Padlet with classes in the US, use an augmented reality app to bring their dots to life, and more.

Today is Dot Day, but we are not at school. Instead, we are at home because the haze level  is too high. The haze has been bad the last week or so, but today it is officially unsafe. The problem is a complex one, with no easy answers. This video shows some of the issues. When we are able to go back to school we will share some of our dots and we may still work on some of our planned projects, but we will also share the message that we need creative problem solvers like our students in third grade to be the ones to work on change.

Today is Dot Day and we are not at school. I know that these students will be a part of the solution.

8 thoughts on “SOL- September 15, 2015- Today Is Dot Day and We Are Not at School

  1. jarhartz

    What a staggering problem! Thank you for the video link. it’s something to share with my students . They need to be aware of this! Hope you will be back with your kiddos soon.

  2. sallydonnelly11

    I am getting ready to celebrate DOT DAY in VA in the USA in a brand new school built with sustainability in mind and is heated and cooled with solar panels and geothermal wells. Your post moved me and widened my perspective. I’ll get my 3rd graders to start thinking creatively about solving the problems of our world too and not to only see things from the perspective of their backyard but from a global point of view. Thanks so much for writing your post. Know that you are teaching today, just not in your school building.

    1. Erika Victor

      Thanks, Sally. Our school is a very socially aware school- Green School, Eco School, etc This day off really brought it all to life. Maybe our third graders could collaborate at some point.

  3. Haddon Musings

    I know you are disappointed not to be teaching today but I agree with Sally you are teaching just not in your classroom today. The ideas you are planting through this fun exercise in creativity will travel outside of your classroom in the minds and hearts of your students.


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