Parent Teacher Conferences


Parent Teacher Conferences

October 6, 2015

Have I mentioned I love my class this year? I have 17 students from all over the world and together they are such a fun learning community. Today and tomorrow I have the chance to talk to at least one parent from each family as we have our first conferences of the year. In my previous school we held “getting to know you” conferences in the first two weeks of school and the conference at this point in the year was a chance to share a progress report and a portfolio in progress. At this school, this is the first conference of the year and this year a decision was made (not by me) that the students in third grade would not attend. Although I really missed having the students involved today their imprint was everywhere. Lots of what I shared were their reflections and self-assessments on their work so far. Each of the students set goals that they would like to achieve in the first half of the school year. I shared a first day of school writing and we compared it to their published piece from last week. The students’ voices were there in their small moments. The growth was incredible. As we looked over a recent math assessment parents also had a chance to look over their child’s take on what they have learned in this unit and what they still need to practice. In reading the parents examined what the students feel they are doing well and what they feel they still need to practice. We looked at the ways we respond to what they read and discussed the new unit ahead. I got to hear about what parts of school come home in daily conversations and what parts of school the students keep to themselves. I got to hear about our community reflected through their child’s eyes. I got to hear what the students find challenging at home and what seems to really inspire them. I love this time helping parents to see glimpses into their child’s daily life- as one dad noted he sees his child for no more than an hour a day during the week. I also love learning more about what their home life is like and the connections they are making to their learning at home. I wish we had more opportunities to come together like this, to learn from each other. These kids teach me every day and it is great fun to share their learning with their parents. Tomorrow I conference with the remaining parents, then we have two more days of school before our October break. Already I can feel that the year is going too quickly- these conference days remind me to celebrate the everyday learning and share, share, share.

4 thoughts on “Parent Teacher Conferences

  1. As a high school teacher, too often a parent-teacher conference results from an academic or behavioral need, as well as a SPED annual review. Seeing conferences in a different light, as a way to celebrate family connections, is a nice start to my day. Thank you.

  2. Isn’t it crazy how fast the year goes. We had a middle school orientation for our 5th graders yesterday. Made me a bit sad. I love my class this year too!

  3. Although they are a lot of work, I love conferences. I guess I am far along enough in my career that I feel confident. It wasn’t so my first few years. I love that part where you show parents (and kids ideally) how far they’ve come. It is sometimes hard for kids to see that when they do it everyday.

  4. Your post was just what I needed to read today as my conferences are Thursday and Friday! And I am excited about them. And I probably need to do a little more to prepare. I too love my class and always love having that conversation with the parents. Congrats to you!! Thanks for sharing…you got me excited about the rest off week. Have a great break.

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