SOL- More Than I Thought


More Than I Thought

October 27, 2015

Fortunately, my school is having two classes at each grade level pilot the TCRWP units of study,

Unfortunately, I did not get training (only two from the ES did),

Fortunately, I get to be in the pilot group,

Unfortunately, the resources did not arrive before the school year started,

Fortunately, we have a new ELA coach who is such a hard worker,

Unfortunately, not all the teachers are loving the units as much as I am,

Fortunately, I am seeing amazing growth in my students,

Unfortunately, I never feel there is enough time,

Fortunately, the students are working harder than I could have imagined,

Unfortunately, so am I- there is lots of prep work to get ready for each day,

Fortunately, I am lucky to collaborate with an amazing EAL teacher,

Unfortunately, she is only in our room part-time,

Fortunately, we love our jobs!

I am taking today’s quote about whatever I write being better than nothing and going with it today- sorry!

6 thoughts on “SOL- More Than I Thought

  1. areneewallis

    Don’t apologize for your writing; you should absolutely take today’s quote to heart. It looks like a really insightful look at pros and cons, and it comes across as a bit of an abstract poem. I love poetry that doesn’t fit into a mold; life doesn’t fit into a mold, and writing doesn’t have to either. Lovely piece, and a great look at the ups and downs of having a strong team member with a like mind. 🙂


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