Can You Hear Them Calling?


SOL- November 17, 2015

Can You Hear Them Calling?

Uh oh, it is the time of year when almost everything starts to distract me. It is time for…report writing! I always mean to start early- it makes sense to start early- our social studies unit ended back in October- I surely could have written those few lines for each child then, but no…

I did actually start Google docs for each child and shared them with the EAL c0- teacher two weeks ago. That is almost like starting reports, right? I even wrote a few sentences at the same time for the first two students for their “approaches to learning” section- that IS starting (hardly- 2/17 of the students had a few lines completed-pfft!). Then a week went by and I decided that I should carry a small notebook and make notes whenever I had a spare moment. That did not really accomplish much, but it made me imagine I was getting “my head in the game”.This past weekend I transferred these notes on to the Google docs, then added some more notes. Baby steps!

This week I started reading assessments- really- the long march has started in earnest. This weekend I will REALLY work on the reports (I just can not get anything like that done during the week).  I know I could get some more notes written tonight, but there are so many other things to do instead. Already I feel myself making excuses and bargains with myself. I know I will resort to rewarding myself for every chunk of time spent working on reports (hello Twitter/Facebook, you will be my treat for the next few weeks). I know my reading life will suffer (all the more reason to dive into the 6 new books that arrived this afternoon- I could definitely read the picture books tonight and start one of the chapter books, then I would have less temptation, right?).

Next week is “The Week of Common Assessments” in my plan book- the week I am going to knock out the common writing and math assessments we have to give (which should make it easier to finish reports up reports, right?).

In the meantime, I am creating lists- both physical and mental- of all the overdue emails, errands to be run, books to be read, plans to be made, meals to be cooked, meetings to be had, that will distract me from these reports- can you hear them calling?

*dashes off to read*

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