The Wonder of Worms!


SOL- December 1, 2015

The Wonder of Worms

We are wrapping up our science unit on Ecosystems before the upcoming break and today was a day we had eagerly anticipated- we were getting worms!

We have talked abut ecosystems and learned about the interdependence of the components of ecosystems. We have visited the rain forest and seen nature up close. We have observed plants and experimented with taking away one of their needs to see how they coped. But today, we got worms.

Last week we knew we had to prepare, so we started shredding newspaper and cardboard (yes, the worms will eat this to start composting). On Monday we were excited and ready, but got word at the last minute that it was postponed for a day. Finally Tuesday arrived and when the students saw me they asked, “Are the worms here?”

I explained that I was not the ones bringing the worms, but that Ms. Nisha was due to arrive shortly and after Morning Meeting we would go to the science lab to wait for her.  While we waited we read Wiggling Worms at Work to give the students some background knowledge.

When Ms. Nisha arrived the students were so excited. We teachers worked with her last year, so knew what to expect, but she had definitely improved her already strong presentation. She talked to the students about the need for sustainability and explained what that meant. Our school  really promotes this, so the students were fairly knowledgeable.

She then showed them her model of what they would see if they were underground and talked about the worm bin ecosystem.

IMG_8388Then we were ready to meet our new friends. Many students wanted to hold the worms and it was quite fun to see them wriggling around.


IMG_8419Then we built their “bed” by putting in some torn cardboard and shredded newspaper, which was then sprayed with water. Next Ms. Nisha took out about 50-60 red worms from her worm bin to share with us. A few food scraps and an explanation of surface area for eating and the worms were fed. Finally,  we took a good look again and our worms were in their new bin (we requested that the inner bin be see through so that we can pull it out and do some observations).


The students were so excited and had learned quite a lot. They were eagerly discussing who could babysit them over future school holidays and the recesses they would want to miss just to watch the worms. I love that these students get to have experiences like this and know that they will be problem solvers now and in the future as they become more aware of choices they can make to live more sustainably.

5 thoughts on “The Wonder of Worms!

  1. Adrienne

    According to my mother, I was obsessed with worms when I was rather young and she came out one day to find me sitting in the grass weaving them between my toes.

  2. Leigh Anne

    What a great experience for your students. I was glad to read about the see through container because that was my first question – will they be able to see “underground?” I do not like creepy crawling things, but I do love worms!

  3. Linda Baie

    My class kept a worm bin for a year one time. Our school composts and uses worms to help with other re-cycling. What a wonderful thing you’ve started. They are fun and so interesting to watch. We’ve also kept roly-polys (pill bugs) in a tank-another interesting insect that’s easy to watch work. Have fun!

  4. sallydonnelly11

    I loved reading about your worms!! I plan to share it with my students. Let’s definitely “talk” about connecting our students! We are in a brand new school that is designed to be zero-net energy due to the solar panels and geo-thermal wells. Maybe we can share info on sustainability. You can read about my school here:

    I will be doing the March SOL and would love any tips on getting my students to do it too which would definitely be a fun way to connect us. Looking forward to reading your post next week!!

  5. Lori Kidder

    I’d planned to have worms in my room this year. Since I’ll be out for two months I will either wait for my return or give myself the permission to wait until next year.


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