SOL- Tick Tock


Tick Tock

SOL- December 15, 2015

It is that frantically busy time of year when any little thing can cause a domino effect- reverberating far beyond what seems possible. This weekend was a 3-day weekend for us- Friday was the sultan of Selangor’s birthday. I still had plenty of work to do, even though reports had been written, but still I procrastinated. Sunday I joined friends at a deluxe hotel for a festive brunch. Part way through the lovely time somebody received a text- school was to be canceled Monday because the state soccer team had won the Malaysian Cup and the sultan added a day to the already long weekend to celebrate. While this sounded like a stateside “snow day” the ramifications soon became clear. The high school received an exception so that exams could go on, the middle and elementary schools would close, as directed, but a make up day would be added in the second semester. Personally, I would have rathered been at school on Monday- the week before break is always so busy with all the loose ends that need tying.

I will admit, I enjoyed the day off- I visited an amazing book sale (22 books for under $50), caught up on my marking, and replanned my last week of school for 2015, now one day shorter. This morning, power was off in our team before school, a parent meeting took place, and then the day began. Near the end of the day when my students were at specials came emails: we had a survey to do with our students before the end of day tomorrow, we had to reread and proofread our reports on Google docs (with formatting all messed up) right away, there were a few other emails that I have yet to read. Before school was over I met with the ELA coach to sketch out a new mini unit that we will use just after break. No one thing was overwhelming, but oh boy, the domino effects…

I know I can not really complain. We have four more days of school and then I will enjoy three weeks off, but today…

2 thoughts on “SOL- Tick Tock

  1. Adrienne

    I think all teachers feel the same way this time of year. The kids turned in an assignment yesterday and I want to have all 75 graded by Friday. I WILL make it happen.

  2. sallydonnelly11

    My mantra this week, as we prepare for winter break in Virginia, is to keep breathing and have fun! I guess where ever on the globe we live, the dominos fall and we try to keep up. Enjoy your break! You are almost there!


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