#WRAD16- Week 1-Belonging

I am looking ahead to the second semester (starting in two days) and eagerly anticipating the many exciting literacy events we will celebrate in our class. While I am too far away to participate in some (boo hoo- ALA is in my “home” town NOW!), some are easy to participate in wherever you are. World Read Aloud Day is a great way to celebrate reading and we will.

LitWorld has come up with a countdown in the form of the 7 Strengths Countdown, with the focus this week being “belonging”. The prompt this week is: When has reading helped you feel like you belong to a community?

As an international school teacher, my sense of community is always in flux. Reading has been a constant in my life as long as I can remember. A big way reading has influenced me in the last few years is via The Nerdy Book Club. I have been able to stay in touch with the kid lit world as a result of the blog and follow many of the contributors on Twitter and on their own blogs. This has also introduced me to the world of digital review copies of books, as review copies are not available worldwide. This summer I was lucky enough to attend nErDcampmi where I was able to meet many of my kid lit idols. Being a reader made me feel so connected to this community and I really felt like I was meeting friends. What I love about reading is that we all belong!


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