Trying to Be a Writer


SOL- January 26, 2016

Trying To Be a Writer

Last week I loved, loved, loved Donalyn Miller’s Nerdy Book Club post about getting on the bus. I wobble between being a reading ambassador and a reading warrior. I am that book crazy teacher- always asking students what they are reading, recommending books to readers, reading books, buying books- you would be hard pressed to name a reading “event” that our class does not participate in. I even share a document of “Literacy Events that 3EV  is participating in” with my colleagues in hopes that they will join in. I shared her post at school and beyond and thought hard about what else I could do to get others on board.

Then Sunday Kathleen Sokolowski wrote her own rallying cry about why teachers should write. Again I found myself nodding my head and wondering how I could get more of my colleagues involved in writing. Here’s the thing, though- outside of my classroom most people who know me know me as a reader- it is a part of me that I share willingly. It is obvious once you set foot in our classroom. My writing self is quieter. I have blogged sporadically for a few years. I took part in last March’s Slice of Life Challenge here and have sliced regularly since then. I even had my third graders participating in the Classroom Slice of Life Challenge last year (and plan to again this year). I ahve participated in Kate Messner’s Teachers Write  since its inception (and a piece of my writing even made it into her 59 Reasons to Write. This year I am using the Teachers College Reading and Writing Units of Study and I LOVE them. As a result, I am doing more writing than ever with and for my class. I continue to see that as a fellow writer I can teach writing better, which is reason enough to write. I am also learning that I can teach myself better, as I reflect more in writing and learn more about myself this way. I think it is time that I tentatively make my writing self more public as I continue to try to live a more writerly life. For me, I feel like reading and writing make me a better me. It is hard to explain how both feed me and make me want to be more. As a reader, you will often hear me roar- I have strong opinions about everyone being a reader. Now it is time for me to take the new layer of writer on to my shoulders (while I am not ready to roar I am ready to take up the cause- let’s call it a growl). I am excited to work with others to help me be a better advocate for literacy in its many forms. I feel like these are gifts that keep on giving- the more you love these things the more you can pass on.

I look forward to trying to be a writer more in 2016!

7 thoughts on “Trying to Be a Writer

  1. By trying, YOU are a writer!!
    Lucy taught me at TCRWP that “writing changes the world” and “reading helps us know how to love”. These two sayings have stayed with me and pushed me to keep writing and reading.
    I love watching Lucy’s video made a few years back for National Day of Writing. Watch it again and keep writing!!

    1. Oh, Sally- thank you for your kind words, great quotes, and this video that I had not seen before. I am definitely sharing it with the writers in my class. You are inspirational.

  2. I find that kids are get inspired when I do my author visits. It turns them on to writing and reading, It’s such a great feeling when your stories inspire that one reluctant reader to read your books and truly fall in love with reading. That’s what keeps me writing. 🙂 I think if you shared your writing with your students, it would inspire them, too.

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