Do I Have the Right Stuff?


SOL- February 9, 2016

Do I Have the Right Stuff?

I am telling myself that I will be okay if I do not get it. That it might just be a case of numbers and not being the one to fill the groups. I am telling myself over and over that many more people apply than get accepted. I know all this is true and yet, in reality, I know that I want this so much. I also believe that it is the right time for me to benefit from this experience first hand. I think that I will be a good ambassador to share what I learn with as many people as possible. It is so scary to put myself in a position where I may get rejected. I know that these feelings are all normal, but yikes! In less than a month I will know if it is to be for me or not (this time). Until then I will do my best to work toward my goal.

Going through this right now is making me a more empathetic mom and teacher. My older son is trying to get a new job and he is not really sure what he wants it to be. He is trying to decide what his priorities are and what compromises he is willing to make. I listen and ask him questions, trying to help him listen to his head and heart. It is hard when you are not sure what you want, but is learning a lot about what might be his choices. He is setting goals and deadlines for himself.

My third graders are setting goals in new units- I am encouraging the Goldilocks method- not too easy, not too hard, but just right. Here’s where I struggle- how does anyone really know what is too easy and what is too hard without jumping in and trying. We all hope for success, but we know in our heads that it may not work out that way at the start. These students are doing a great job looking at their work and choosing their own next steps. My job is to try to support them on their paths.

Here’s to working toward success- and hoping that with practice it gets easier to take the steps toward it. I know that it is in taking chances that we grow.


8 thoughts on “Do I Have the Right Stuff?

  1. Tammy and Clare

    It is so important to remember what our kids go through every day –sometimes I think we hold them to higher standards than we hold ourselves. Thanks for this reminder… and I hope you get in, but agree it will all work out in the end!!

  2. Kimberley

    Jumping in is the key and you’ve done that. Rejection is hard, but it’s a part of the path. If not this, then you must find the next thing. It is that you tried that matters–small consolation sometimes when we don’t make something but important to remember too. Best of luck!

  3. cmargocs

    Wise post, writing that your own struggles help you understand and support your son and students. I know my students benefited from my return to school while I was teaching; we could struggle together with assignments! Fingers crossed you get into your program.

  4. stefaniecole

    You’ll only know if you try and, interestingly enough, your journey will probably not take you where you thought you were going, but to a place you need and want to go. I wish you luck. It’s hard, but exciting, taking the first steps in a new journey!

    I love that you keep how your students feel in mind as you try new things too!

  5. Michelle Haseltine

    “It is so scary to put myself in a position where I may get rejected.” Yes! That’s true. I just invited my 6th graders to share their writing at a public reading this week. I said, “If it scares you, think about it. That means you want it. It’s always worth the risk.” I’m working on making friends with fear instead of running away from it. I love the parallels here between you and your son and your students. You are modeling how to take risks for them! I believe in you!

  6. Brian

    Easier? Likely. Easy? Probably never. As different doors open and close, keep looking for ways forward. Mean time, thanks for capturing your struggle in words to share.

  7. Linda Baie

    I wish you well, Erika. And, I think it’s marvelous that you are the “mentor person” both for your son and your students. Love “how does anyone really know what is too easy and what is too hard without jumping in and trying”. It’s not an easy thing, but your statement is so true.


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