SOL-Professional Development


SOL- February 23, 2016

Professional Development

I am a professional development lover. I have been lucky throughout my life to have access to great professional development, whether paid for by my school or myself.  One thing I have loved in recent years is the trend toward self directed professional development instead of always being a whole school model. I can honestly say so much of my growth has been from a distance, rather than in person, whether via Twitter, blogs, professional books clubs, or even online courses. In spite of all this, there really is nothing like live, in person professional development opportunities where the community of learners is all in one place at one time. Being an international teacher sometimes means I have more opportunities and at other times it means that my schedule does not permit the courses I would like to take (whether because of time zone issues, school calendaring, or distance). What that often means is a busy summer fitting in as much professional development as is reasonable, without taking away all of my “off time”.

Tomorrow I am applying to The Teachers College Summer Institute for reading and writing and I am nervous. It occurs to me that this is the first time in a long time that I have had to apply for PD I wanted- it has generally been a matter of signing up, not having to be selected. It has been an interesting process. I have written drafts of my application essays and yet I feel dissatisfied. It has been a valuable experience to think more deeply about what has influenced my practice, but I have found my work does not fully express my writing and reading workshop journey thus far and how eager I am to continue working on my learning. I have read so many professional books written by educators connected to TCRWP and use resources from their site regularly. I have followed the institutes vicariously over the years- initially by reading the notes of friends and more recently via blogs and Twitter, but now I am eager to jump in participate myself. My slice today feels a bit “messier” than a slice- it is a big bite of the pie I am aiming for, as I know it will be a game changer PD for me,  and the fear of failure is lurking at the back of my mind. I love growing new ideas and look forward to the chance to learn with so many passionate educators. If is does not work out for this summer I know that I will take the risk again in the future as development is a process, not a one time event.


19 thoughts on “SOL-Professional Development

  1. sallydonnelly11

    They better take YOU!! You are the kind of learner they want. I have been encouraging teachers at my school to apply Wed when the application opens and wrote in my email that i”t is the best PD on the planet” which I truly believe. My fingers are crossed for you! And I happily applied and got into the April Digital and Media Institute and promise to take good notes to share with you!

  2. Glenda Funk

    First, good luck w/ your application. I’m currently trying to decide whether or not to submit an NEH summer institute application. I look for PD that fills gaps in my knowledge, and the one I’m considering does that. I’ve done NEH institutes, and this might be my last opportunity to do another. Yet I can’t decide, not because of the work but because I’m exhausted! The deadline is 3/1, so I can’t wait any longer!

  3. Kim Yaris

    Jan and I both wear bracelets that say, “What’s for you will not pass you.” We’ll send out good vibrations into the universe to help you manifest what you hope for!

  4. isbergamanda

    Good luck! I hope you get in!

    I wish I could get approval to do PD like this! My school is really focused on integrating technology into the classrooms and gamification. I was told that unless it was PD in one of those areas that it would not be approved. 😦

  5. Ashley

    I, too, am energized by the variety of learning opportunities available currently. But nothing beats collaboration! Good luck on your journey!


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