The Call to… #sol16 Day 4 of 31


March 4, 2016

The Call to Prayer

It is interesting to me how little actual research I did before moving to Kuala Lumpur. I had visited once before (for a week 8 years before), so that seemed like enough. My lack of research means I am often surprised- sometimes happily, sometimes less so, but usually I just feel uninformed.

Today as I sat and commented on some of my students’ slices, all was quiet. I live in an apartment on the 15th floor, so without the air conditioning on I can usually hear a bit of “street noise”- traffic, some construction, and not much else. Five times a day the call to prayer is heard all over KL. It seems that wherever you are a mosque is near enough so that you can hear the call. It lasts for only a short time, but it is an aural reminder that I am living in a very different place. Although I am not religious I enjoy the call and the moments just after- for me it is a reminder of a different kind- a sort of pause in my busy days to just stop for a moment and be. I know that in the US right now there is a lot of controversy about Syrian refugees moving to the US and there is ongoing talk about concerns about Islamic based terrorism. Malaysia is a Muslim country and I never gave that a thought before moving here- to me people are people- nobody can be defined by one part of who they are.

Tonight as I heard the call to prayer I reflected on how lucky I am to be able to see so much of the world. Then the rain poured down to refresh the city. I wish everyone had the chance to experience different cultures as an opportunity to be refreshed.


3 thoughts on “The Call to… #sol16 Day 4 of 31

  1. Michelle Haseltine

    I love how you described your home! The moments around the call to prayer seem calming and needed in this crazy world. I agree…experiencing different cultures makes us better people. We can learn and empathize and realize how small our world really is!

  2. kathyschuitema

    One of the best things about being in a place so very different than home is that all your senses are heightened and what may be commonplace to those who live there are special and memorable to those who are transplants. I’m enjoying your blog so much and imagining how amazing it must be to spending your days across the globe! You’ll always remember how that call to prayer sounds–and I love how you use it to take a pause in your own day as well.


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