Lucky Me! #sol16 Day 6 of 31


Lucky Me!

Sunday morning apparently does not mean “sleep in” to my 13-year-old cat! My weekday alarm goes off at 5:15, so at 5:20 she was meowing away, to make sure I had not overslept-grr! In truth, I think Pele was just looking for a bit of attention. As I lay there with her, checking messages, I got a WhatsApp message from my younger son, who would be ready to Skype in 45 minutes. So I really was going to start my day. After a cup of tea and a great chat with him (he is

After a cup of tea and a great chat with him (he is cat sitting this weekend so he had his own stories of a bossy cat) I spent some time commenting on slices and planning my workshop for tomorrow. After breakfast, I heard from a friend who wanted to meet for breakfast, too late, oh well. We made plans instead to meet up later in the afternoon. After getting some more work done I headed to the LRT to meet up with her and another friend. The walk from the train station was hot, hot, hot, so we cooled off in a coffee shop before braving the outdoors again for an open air market. We all stocked up on fruit and vegetable ( I paid less than $9 for 3 avocados, a big eggplant, squash, snow peas, asparagus, and 2 green peppers, so I was happy) as we dripped sweat. I wish I were one of those people who “glow”! The third person then wanted to go home so L. and I caught a ride with her to one of our favorite massage parlors (oh so prevalent here).  After waiting for a few minutes we were in- 60 minutes of relaxation.

Now I am at home and the cat is wanting attention again, as I get still more work done and get out a quick slice. I think as I do so often, I am a lucky person! It has been a wonderful Sunday! Here’s to the week ahead.




5 thoughts on “Lucky Me! #sol16 Day 6 of 31

  1. Lynne Dorfman

    Wow! I do know about animal alarms, but mine are two Welsh Corgis. A busy day, but very productive. I can almost feel your energy! Love the photo with your cat overseeing your work on the laptop!

  2. sallydonnelly11

    Your slice reminds me that though I am still wearing a long sleeve shirt, a sweat and my long wool coat, others in this planet are sweating and walking to buy fruit in an open-air market, probably not even wearing a coat. Thanks to you details of an ordinary Sunday!

  3. Dalila Eckstein

    Your day sounds delicious. Time to do what you love is wonderful. Glad you got to connect with your son and friends, and also get in some writing! I’m imagining warmer days on account of your slice.


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