Who Has Time to Write? Part 2 #sol16 Day 7 of 31


Who Has Time To Write- Part 2

The good news is that the workshop is over:) I always remember how much I hate presenting after I volunteer. I am not a relaxed speaker when it comes to talking to a group of adults- kids, no problem!

I wanted to talk about how we change as educators who write. I wanted to share some of the initiatives that I am involved in,  how scary it is to write,  how important it is, how complicated it is. I had the feeling I was preaching to the choir as we worked together. It was nice to hear other perspectives and share what and why we write. It was very low key and we had some time in the 45 minutes to write (and share or not as we chose).

My highlights were that everyone tried out #EDtime2wrt and everyone wrote in new notebooks (I gave out pens and notebooks). As I was packing up one of the participants said, “I’m going to go back to writing. It’s been about 6 months since I’ve written, but you’ve convinced me to go back to it.”  I figure that is a win. It was also nice to see that there are other teachers at my school who write. We now know that we are not alone. Now to keep spreading the love.


7 thoughts on “Who Has Time to Write? Part 2 #sol16 Day 7 of 31

  1. Janie Fahey

    I agree – talking to kids, no problem, adults – I hate it! Congratulations to you though – it sounds like you definitely inspired some to write. Now that you know there are some colleagues that are writing, maybe you can share that with each other and build a writing community there.

  2. The Purple Lady (@th_purpl_lady)

    I am still very new at teaching, and this slice makes me wonder how one gets to the point of presenting! I don’t feel like I will ever know enough about anything to teach other teachers. The Impostor’s Syndrome is strong in me. Maybe I will write about it soon, actually. Thanks for all the food for thought!

  3. sallydonnelly11

    Congrats!!!! I, too, don’t love presenting and I am this Wed to colleagues to share my story of blogging. I’m nervous too as I’m at a new school and it is the first time I am talking to a group of my colleagues. But my fingers are crossed that I inspire at least one of them to write and maybe even do it using a blog!! So glad YOUR nerves didn’t prevent you from presenting.


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