Slicer Lunch #sol16 Day 11 of 31


Slicer Lunch

Many of my students would prefer to stay inside every day and not go outside to recess. On the one hand, I can understand this- it is so hot outside, on the other, it si kid nature to want to be “free” and run around outside. I have worked out a plan with them. On odd days (we are on a 6-day rotating schedule) they are allowed to go to the library during recess so they can not stay in the classroom. On Day 6 I have a meeting after lunch, so I need the time during lunch to get things done. On every day 4, I have decided to let them stay in if they want. During March, I am also offering them the chance to eat lunch in the classroom for a “Slicer Lunch”. Sometimes I get persuaded to let them stay in on Day 2 as well, but this is hit or miss.

Today was Day 4. More than half the class stayed in for recess- reading, writing, playing math games, or doodling. They really enjoy this unstructured time together and it is always great to watch them during this time. When it was time for lunch students who had to buy lunch went down the two flights of stairs to the canteen to get their lunch and returned. In the end, every student in the class joined our lunch. Remember, this was not required- it would have been easier for them to stay downstairs and eat there. I told them that everyone was invited, whether they had sliced already or not. I shared some posts I thought would be good models for ideas for future slices. I showed a slice from one of the students and asked others to say what made it a great slice. Then several other students wanted us to look at their slice, so we did. I shared some cassava chips and dal chips and we ate and talked about writing. Time passed quickly and before long it was time for them to head off to their specials. There was a great feeling of community as we cleaned up and said our farewells. It was a nice way to spend some time on a Friday afternoon.

One thought on “Slicer Lunch #sol16 Day 11 of 31

  1. barbara suter

    Your students will cherish those days they were permitted to spend quality time with you. Children crave this kind of attention, especially with people they love. And they clearly love you1


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