The Rain Came Pounding Down #sol16 Day 15 of 31


The Rain Came Pounding Down

School ends at 2:45, but today was Tuesday, so after our grade level collaboration meeting I rushed upstairs to find many of the 31 students in our after school activity loudly gathered in our team common area. A few were running around, others were pushing rolling furniture around in a chase game, a big puddle of water was by the water cooler,  while others waited more quietly and talked amongst themselves.

After bringing them inside the classroom we talked about what the expectation was when a teacher was not there. These are good kids- they knew, they just were not all doing it, so after a reminder we started to read (Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great). Then the students went off and started their own projects- reading, writing, and chatting. The hour sped by and cleanup went well. On our way downstairs one of the little girls asked me to walk  with them all the way to the buses, which I did. At this point the rain came pouring down. We walked under a covered area while we threw around slicing ideas. We listened to the rain pounding on the wooden roof and enjoyed the sound. This led to a discussion of S. washing (or not) her elbow in the rain, me telling the story of going out in the rain in my bathing suit as a child and washing my hair in the rain. Then E. said my mom must have been the bst mom in the world, which made me laugh, as I told one or two bits about my mom that made me crazy as a child. Which led E. to tell a story about her mom as a daughter. All these stories exchanged as we enjoyed the relief of the pounding rain on the roof washing away the heat of the day. The rhythmic beating reminded me of the need to hurry- we have a week and a half until spring break, then it feels like the downward slide to the end of the school year goes way to fast in so many ways. The rain also reminded me of the need to be slow and treasure the moments we still have together. Soon enough the year will be over, but I have to hold these shared stories as memories of our time as a community. Funny how the rain can make me both hurry and slow down.

2 thoughts on “The Rain Came Pounding Down #sol16 Day 15 of 31

  1. Because we almost never have such pounding rain, I enjoyed your writing so much, the time with the students, settling them, that even sweeter time with the young girl, talking above the rain, reminiscing with her about the past fun in the rain. It’s a lovely piece.

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