What Time Today?


What Time Today?

Today was a very exciting day- the book orders were coming! Now, to many of you this may not be such big news, as you may have “book order day” each month, but in 3EV it was a special day. You see, this is the first book order of the year (last year there were one or two, this year only one). We do have a few book sales at school, but book orders are different. With book order forms you have all of the fun of reading the pamphlet, circling the books, and then begging your parents. There are some students in my class who did not consider themselves readers until recently. They read, but they were not Readers. The book order was placed in late February and the order was due in late March. On many days since students have asked me when the book orders would be here. Last week we got an email saying that the order would be in today and would be delivered all packaged by student at about 10:30. This morning E. asked me if today was really the day, so I should have known what was up when S. (who is usually very focused) looked distractedly out the open door into the common room area. A minute later a parent came in with three large boxes. She remarked that we seemed to have more book orders than any other class. One of the students said, “Look around the room- we love books!” Truer words have never been spoken- it is a class full of kids who love reading. More than half of the students had ordered books- and some had a huge stack. I know there are many happy readers surrounded by piles of new books in Kuala Lumpur tonight (and there may be a few students asking their parents if they can order next time). Book love lives!


2 thoughts on “What Time Today?

  1. Janie Fahey

    I love this! I try so hard to have all my kiddos think of themselves as Readers and to LOVE reading before they leave my room. I think I get there with most. What fun – to have new books coming just for them! I bet everyone orders next time.


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