Friday Night Plans


Friday Night Plans

I left school tonight later than I planned, because just as I was ready to make my move the sky opened up and with many loud crashes and booms a full fledged thundery storm was wreaking havoc with my plans. Friday afternoon traffic is always terrible here, but combine it with torrential rain and you have a formula for delay.

Luckily I had no real plans- I was ready to just sit and read before a weekend too busy for me. My to-do list for the weekend includes:

  • a bit more lesson planning (I broke my own rule by not having all the copies I need for the week made- I have yet to even look at math, so there is bound to be some photocopying in my future Monday morning). Grr!)
  • mark the end of unit reading assessment (fortunately I think that is all I have left to mark).
  • revise and edit our class story to be ready as a demonstration text for a lesson this week.
  • read (and make stickies) for one more book club book for my group that just chose a new book today.
  • write a reflective critical paper for a conference I attended a few weeks ago in order to earn two credits.
  • record myself playing “God” as part of “Two by Two” from “The Book of Mormon” (long story, but my former school is celebrating the 10th anniversary of a musical theater show that they put on each year and those of us who have left have been invited to participate this year long distance). This means I have to get the timing right so that it goes with the live singers who will be playing the other parts.
  • prepare for and attend a baby shower (must bake mini cupcakes, buy a present, etc)
  • book a hotel for one night of Spring Break that I have not yet sorted (in 8 days I will be back in Chiang Mai!!!). Which means I better get planning Spring Break-hmm- not going to happen yet.

Looks like a busy weekend, but with Spring Break in one week I think I can push through it, but for tonight, it’s just me and a book.

5 thoughts on “Friday Night Plans

  1. Lisa

    Busy weekend! But I love your last line:Looks like a busy weekend, but with Spring Break in one week I think I can push through it, but for tonight, it’s just me and a book. Great slice!

  2. Clare

    Sounds like a plan for the evening and hopefully for spring break as well. I love making lists — everything seems more doable with a list.


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