Getting Ready Day By Day #sol16 Day 22 of 31


Getting Ready Day by Day

It is almost Spring Break and I feel conflicted. On the one hand, there is so much to get done at school that I want time to slow down so that it can all get done. On the other, it’s almost Spring Break and I need it (and the kids seem to also!), so I want time to speed up. In reality, I know that everything that needs to get done will (or it won’t and I will figure it out somehow anyway). Somehow my students need to finish final drafts of their writing and finish an end of unit project in social studies. They also need to have about an hour and a half to write their end of unit assessment. They have finished what they must for reading and the math unit has just started, so I have some wiggle room there. I tell myself to breathe so that my stress will not affect the students.

Then, there is SPRING BREAK! I am leaving on Saturday morning for a week in Thailand. I will spend 5 days in Chiang Mai with no set agenda. I am traveling alone, but a friend and her family will be there. I was there for a few days in October, so I already know that I love the city. I will walk and walk and hopefully get some school work done. After that, I am off to Bangkok (I was also there in October). I will have one free day and then a two-day workshop (Cultures of Thinking, led by Ron Ritchhart). I am hoping to get to the big market that I missed last time (I will have to go very early before my Saturday session). I have started to get ready for the trip bit by bit. Yesterday I exchanged some money, today I checked in for my three flights and printed out boarding passes. What I did not bank on was getting a cold, but that is what I woke up to this morning, so I have to get to the pharmacy to get saline nasal spray (I better go tonight). I still have to pack and get a few other things organized.

As excited as I am for my break I know that I have lots of work to do in the next three days, so I better approach those days with the same level of organization as I am attempting with my trip- day by day, getting things done, so the end result is good!

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready Day By Day #sol16 Day 22 of 31

  1. dianeandlynne

    Erika, Sounds like a great trip! I know the feeling of “can’t wait to go,” battling with “how will I get things done at school.” Teachers always worry about their kids. We’re like parents that way. I hope you enjoy the getaway.


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