Flow- It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year #sol16 Day 23 of 31


Flow- It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As I sliced yesterday, it is almost Spring Break and we have LOTS to do at school. We had a normal Math and recess/snack and then we met up to strategize. We talked about the deadline of Friday and what must get done by then. We worked through “must do” and “can do” for the social studies and writing projects. We talked about what to do when you need a break. I told them that we would not be having mini lessons today, instead they would be in charge of their own learning. We would have 3 brain and body breaks (we love Go Noodle– check it out!) as a class and short read alouds too. Then I set them off for a two-hour work session. It was an amazingly productive time: students were working on Minecraft Civilizations or creating posters or books. When they were working on their writing there were conferences (with me or with classmates), students were consulting mentor texts, reading into their laptops (to access voice typing) or typing away. Every now and then I reminded a few to change to the other project if they needed to finish up loose ends. At the end, a few students shared their top tips for success. Tomorrow we will have a similar work session. I love that at this time of year the students have more stamina and can work on projects that they design to achieve their goals. No two students had the same projects and all were totally engaged. As we began each of the three sessions I had the students set goals. All of them were amazed at home much they got done, but also at how quickly the time went by. It is this time of year that always makes me wish I had requested to loop with my class- they are in the “sweet spot” for learning as we have well-established routines and know how to maximize our conferences to get the most accomplished. Having this long block of concentrated work time would have been unthinkable earlier in the year, but now… WOW!


3 thoughts on “Flow- It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year #sol16 Day 23 of 31

  1. Stacey Shubitz

    I have the GoNoodle video cued-up and ready to go for right after I comment here.

    Happy almost spring break! IT always feels like there’s so much to do before a vacation (school or personal) doesn’t it?

  2. sallydonnelly11

    I loved reading this. My class LOVES GoNoodle too! Our favorites are the MooseOntheLoose segments the best!! I think we BOTH are feeling the same way about our classes. It is so fun when they reach that point where they are in charge! So fun to watch! Congrats to you and enjoy Spring Break!!


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