Night Market- sol16 Day 27 of 31


Night Market

My friend and her daughter were going to meet me for the Sunday Night Market near my hotel. I wondered where it would be because I had done a fair bit of walking, but had not seen this market yet on “the walking street”- in fact I had not seen a walking street.

It turns out that the market springs up at about 5:30, at which point the main road becomes pedestrian only. I love night markets as there is always a specialness to them because you have to make an effort to get to them- they are not there waiting for you at any time. We walked the full length up one side and my friend’s daughter bought a few shirts, socks, stress balls, socks, and some postcards. At the far end we stopped for dinner- Pad Thai for two of us and vegetarian fried rice. Making the trek back my friend bought a pair of pants, but I came away empty handed. By now the market was crowded and the sunn had set, so it was abit cooler. After I left them I grabbed a mango sticky rice for dessert and sat down to an hour long foot massage as my reward for all the walking in the heat. All is well in Chiang Mai!


Colorful fabric. 


Cushions I want for my low table in my classroom. 


Many tools for massage- I should have bought some


One of the many wats (this one undergoing renovation). 


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